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Autographs - Goodies for the CMs

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Pixie Naseweis, May 13, 2013.

  1. flateacher

    flateacher New Member

    On the Wonder this past March we gave our room steward a bag of assorted candy on the last day in addition to his tip. He was soooo thankful! I was actually shocked how happy he was to have the candy - we included extra tip with the tip "ticket". But it was the candy he raved about! :goodvibes

    He said he was starving and asked if we minded if he ate some of the candy right then and there! :rotfl: He started chowing down! I was happy I had given him the candy since I wasn't sold on the idea.

    I also gave candy to the CM's for the autographs - so this just reinforced it was a good call.:thumbsup2
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  3. twopeasonepod

    twopeasonepod New Member

    We always bring chocolate covered macadamia nuts, caramacs, and cans of just regular and honey mac nuts for the CMs at the Lab, etc. I think it's great to give stuff they can't easily get on their own.

    Of course we always give servers/host/bar good ole extra cash.
  4. Sandya

    Sandya New Member

    I was talking to our CM and he actually said that they go to Walmart on Port Canaveral and buy what they need... So I whish I had known this and buy some $5- $10 extra gift cards instead of candy since they get tons...... Maybe that is an option.
  5. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo New Member

    But how many, and how large, gift cards would you get? You have no way of knowing how many CMs actually do the autographs on your item. It could work out to a pretty pricy autographed whatever.
  6. jilljill

    jilljill <font color=blue>Collects Disney men!<br><font col

    Non-tipped positions are not allowed to accept cash gifts - DCL and Disney policy. Any cash that is given to non-tipped positions is pooled together and used for group parties and such. While some think they are giving the CM a personal tip in reality they aren't. Those in non-tipped positions are also technically not allowed to accept any cash equivelant gifts such as gifts cards or calling cards - those also get pooled and are given out by the managers as gifts.
    If you want to give something to non-tipped positions consider edible items in individual bags/wrappers.
  7. Plaid Princess

    Plaid Princess Recovering CM, Pilot in Training

    You're operating under the assumption that more that one person is doing the signing on each item. ;-)
  8. Plaid Princess

    Plaid Princess Recovering CM, Pilot in Training

    All the more reason to do the gum, it's harder for the CM's to get!
  9. mdurette

    mdurette New Member

    Last month I was at BJs (a local club store) and saw the huge bags of M&Ms and I had a coupon. So I bought 2 thinking they would love that. I was right - they loved them - but I hated them since they weighed so darn much and took up a lot of room in the luggage. What the heck was I thinking!!!!
  10. mandelaura

    mandelaura New Member

    Hi! Cruising on DCL is new to us so I am a bit confused on this autograph thing. Are you saying that I can drop off a book, photo mat, etc at Guest Services and it will be returned with character signatures???
  11. jilljill

    jilljill <font color=blue>Collects Disney men!<br><font col

    Yes, you are allowed 2 items per cabin.
  12. mandelaura

    mandelaura New Member

    Wow! That is awesome, thanks! I'm assuming you leave the "tip" when you drop off the items?
  13. EvaSue

    EvaSue New Member

    Hi, former entertainment cast member here. Booze and gum sound awesome, haha... Unfortunately, hard alcohol is not allowed in crew cabins, only beer and wine. Non-candy snacks sound awesome, a lot of the entertainment staff are very conscientious about what they eat because gaining or losing weight is not really acceptable. A sincere, handwritten thank you card would be well received.
  14. Pixie Naseweis

    Pixie Naseweis New Member

    Good morning everyone,
    It is nearly 11 am in good old Germany and there came in quite a few new answers during nighttime. Thanks to all of you.

    To make it easier for all who are longing for some ideas I wrote a summary:

    Fun-size candy bars
    Candy assortment bags
    Life savers/mints
    Local specialities
    Chocolate covered macadamia nuts
    Non-candy snacks (favorite of an insider)
    Games/activity stuff
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Thank you card

    Cash (due to regulations)
    Calling cards
    Gift cards
    Heavy items
    Mini alcohol bottles (due to regulations)

    With all this input I think about :scratchin buying some Haribo Goldbears. They won&#8217;t melt, they won&#8217;t break, they come in small bags, they are fatfree (okay, not sugarfree), they are a local speciality (Germany, home of the Goldbears). And I still stick with the gum. If I can think of some non-candy snacks, I will tell you.

    Oh, EvaSue, thank you for the idea with the thank you card. Should be first on the list :thumbsup2.

    That's for newbies like mandelaura: Put your stuff in a zipper/zip lock bag, wrote your stateroom number on it, put pencils in different colors in the bag and add some goodies pixiedust:, drop off your stuff at Guest Service and wait. They will return the signed items - normally - to your stateroom at the end of the journey. Have fun!
  15. tinyteen19401

    tinyteen19401 New Member

    After reading everything, what about small bags of nuts? They won't take up much room and they can all share it.
  16. EvaSue

    EvaSue New Member

    Mints, too! Lifesavers actually makes an awesome mint. Also, cast members get bored, anything activity, game, or craft related would be a great way to say thank you, too! Nine months is a long time to be away from home!
  17. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    It sounds like it would be best to stick with food items. Wrapped, sealed candies, gum, mints or chips. Nothing homemade.
  18. Pixie Naseweis

    Pixie Naseweis New Member

    Just edited the summary (thanks to EvaSue and TDC Nala).

    What do you think about Sudoku? It is very popular in Germany and it works without language.
  19. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo New Member

    We are a Sudoku loving family!

    That said, getting puzzles is really easy, what with internet access, newspapers, books. Maybe not that spectacular a gift. :confused3
  20. Lori1960

    Lori1960 New Member

    I would not give nuts cause you don't know if anyone would have an allgey to nuts
  21. chris31997

    chris31997 Disney Kid at Heart

    Thank you. That should be sooo obvious, sometimes the obvious just goes right on by :rolleyes: We encourage the kids to say "thank you" and to show appreciation. We try to do that also. But did not think about it for the people signing the stuff :scared:

    I will make sure to include that with our stuff.

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