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Anyone made it through (or not made it through) ROFR recently? - Section V

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mac_tlc, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. XGrumpy1

    XGrumpy1 Active Member

    It is good to see OKW passing ROFR! Congrats!:banana:
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  3. myxdvz

    myxdvz DVC - BLT

    I"m hoping for tomorrow - if not, I can wait a week!
  4. myxdvz

    myxdvz DVC - BLT

    I did hear TODAY! But it's bad news :( They're exercising their ROFR. :headache:

    It's for 150 OKW at $50/pt Oct UY, 2012 pts and beyond available.

    *sigh* Time to start over!
  5. candiemonster

    candiemonster Member

    Has anyone passed resale for Aulani?
  6. MrsDisneyFanatic

    MrsDisneyFanatic Earning My Ears

    So bad news then good news....

    We didn't pass ROFR on an OKW extended contract for $54 per point. :(

    But a new seller just accepted our offer within 5 minutes...

    Animal Kingdom $58 per point 250 points.

    What are the odds Disney will let me have this one lol?:confused3
  7. DougEMG

    DougEMG Active Member

    I'd say 99% since they are still selling their own points direct.

    Nice price by the way :)
  8. magicmonette

    magicmonette Working on Future DVC Retirement Home!

    Thats too bad! Sorry to hear.

    Well, I will let you know if my $60 AKV points pass ROFR! Been 9-10 days. (160 pts Aug UY)
  9. MrsDisneyFanatic

    MrsDisneyFanatic Earning My Ears

    Good luck! Yes, please let me know! Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!
  10. MickeyFan612

    MickeyFan612 Member DVC Gold

    Nice contract! What are the details- use year, points etc.?

    Good Luck:)
  11. lovin'fl

    lovin'fl Active Member

    Curious to see how these go. I am looking at a 160 point AKV contract...there are a ton out there. Good luck!
  12. GoofyDad1970

    GoofyDad1970 Member

    We are buying 250 AKV points (UY Feb) at, I think, $61 per point. It went to ROFR on 12/17, so I am getting anxious.
  13. MDdriver

    MDdriver Member

    I am going on three weeks since the sellers accepted my offer. I am hoping that I pass ROFR next week. Only 2013 pts and beyond at BWV, but it was for $50pp. If it does not make it through ROFR, I guess I will just have to find another contract. Hope it makes it through.
  14. mditkof

    mditkof Member

    I do think that the $57 or $58 price point for OKW is the safety zone if you want to avoid ROFR.

    Anything less than that level means an emotional roller coaster.

    But, hope spring eternal if you have the time and will to keep at it.

  15. MrsDisneyFanatic

    MrsDisneyFanatic Earning My Ears

    September use year. 70-2012 points, 250-2013 points 250-2014
  16. t0r0

    t0r0 Member

    Wow, ROFR on a 2057 contract...there goes the idea that the reason for the high # of OKW not passing was because Disney wants just the 2042's so they can turn around and resell with the extended contract date...

    And we were ROFR'd on a $58 OKW 2042 contract, so I don't think there is a 'safety zone'; the guides must be giving folks OKW as the 3rd option if they shun on the price for BLT or AKV direct and people are taking it.

    Great price on the AKV! Good luck!
  17. ELMC

    ELMC Active Member

    I don't think that one 2057 ROFR is a large enough sample size to debunk an entire theory. :)
  18. Brian Noble

    Brian Noble His Curmudgeonly Highness

    I think it is a combination of these two. OKW is presumably being offered as the "recovery" option for a close-but-not-quite sale at a higher price-point resort, and that would explain the focused activity. If so, it may well have been chosen because many of the outstanding contracts are 2042, but if the deeds they need to keep "stocked" are sometimes 2054s, they'll take that too.

    But, make no mistake, the large number of outstanding 2042 contracts represents a real problem for DVC. I'm sure they don't want to suddenly own a large fraction of an old resort that they must keep operating under the current terms for another dozen years.
  19. wdrl

    wdrl Active Member

    There have been several extended 2057 OKW deeds that DVD has reacquired via the ROFR process. In December 2012, it appears that 8 deeds out of 27 OKW deeds that were ROFRed were extended by the original owners.

    I use the word "appears" on purpose. DVD almost never files a record with Orange County Comptroller when an owner chooses to extend their points to 2057. Thus, when I follow the paper trail, the absence of a Quitclaim deed indicates that the owner extended their points to 2057. Of course, the lack of a Quitclaim deed might be due to a recordation error, name changes, etc. However, I have tracked enough deeds to feel confident that there are a number of ROFRed OKW deeds that have been extended to 2057.
  20. ELMC

    ELMC Active Member

    Maybe I was being a little flip. My point was that DVD wants OKW contracts for many reasons, none of which they have explicitly made public. My point was that the fact that they ROFR an extended contract does not necessarily negate the possibility that they are ROFRing 2042 contracts to deal with the extension problem.
  21. gavvy

    gavvy Active Member

    Had my offer accepted at BWV 210 points $57 per point no 2013 points all 2014 seller pays 2013 dues. Submitted for ROFR 1/10

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