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And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Double Digit Dancing!!!!!!!!

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  3. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse Mouseketeer

    It really is a beautiful resort. I think for us it's tied for #1 with the Poly!

    Good luck with deciding on CL. It is so very nice to have the convenience of the lounge with little kids! Of course if you are park heavy, CL will not be much of a benefit.

    F&G at BWI sounds lovely!

    I hope the pork loin was delish!


    Don't worry, it ruins all of us! :thumbsup2 I do think you can still have blast in a cottage, you just have to compartmentalize and not compare the experiences! :thumbsup2

    Safe travels Janet! I hope you and all the other girls have an absolute blast! :goodvibes

  4. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    Have a safe flight Janet, and can't wait to hear from you all!!!:goodvibes
  5. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    Candace!! Hooray!!:cool1::banana::dance3: it's a whole new ball game now! And I am not far behind you my friend!:hyper:

    Iheartthemouse: DH doesn't think now is the right time for CL, and I kind of agree....I guess.:worried: If it was possible we would do both dining and CL, but just not in the books night now. That's ok....:)

    I have changed about vacations though. I have a hard time now....but I am sure we will find something the makes us all happy to do in the summer. DH also wants to do a road trip to Boston, so that is a possibility too.

    Hope everyone has a good day, DD8 is feeling sick now. Think I will have her home for the day.:sick:
  6. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    I know how you feel about the vacation thinking. As much as people complain about Disney's prices, I think that the experience gives us the most bang for our buck. DH has been pushing hard for some other non Disney vacation....namely Hawaii or Germany....or Greece

    Well, I started pricing things out and researching and he saw that we could have a week and a half at the Grand Flo for just the cost of airfare!!! :scared1:

    Of course, I'm sure it could be done cheaper depending on travel times, but we really feel like we get the full experience at Disney. We kind of agreed that Disney it will be until we really feel like we need to go somewhere else. We will be looking into Atlantis though....the kids got really stoked about that option! :hyper:
  7. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    Believe it or not, traveling within Canada including airfare is outrageous too. BTW Candace....are you at work already?? Or rushing around trying to get ready? Just curious..:laughing:
  8. dreamcruiser

    dreamcruiser Member

    Oh, believe me, we do!!! I get the best "ahhhh" feeling when I walk into that lobby to check in..:goodvibes I love knowing some of the CMs, who give us such special attention. :thumbsup2
    Don't get me wrong; the WL is special too, but since we have been introduced to the GF, the Wilderness has taken second place.
  9. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    I am at work now. The earlier post was from home, when I was rushing around trying to get ready. :thumbsup2

    I can imagine the airfare from Canada...must be rough.
  10. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    :yay::yay::yay: SO happy you booked....no WL :rolleyes1 Just kidding....walk to F&G will be great!!!

    Waiting for Janet to land :surfweb:

    I'll be baaackkkkkk:hug:
  11. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse Mouseketeer

    Poor DD. Hope she feels better very soon! A road trip to Boston sounds fun! :thumbsup2

    I have priced so many different other locations I have on my travel list and nothing compares price wise at the moment. I'm sure that is subject to change when I'm looking at 2-3 annual trips in Deluxe CL rooms x 2. (pas how do you do it????) The biggest thing for us is airfare too. I can get such amazing prices for Orlando, but not so good to anywhere else I want to go.

    Yes, I totally get that "ahhhhh" feeling! The GF is so beautiful! :cloud9:

    So, I locked DD and I out of the house when taking the boys to the bus stop today. It's 37 and raining here. :sick: No spare key because I usually just use the keypad on the garage if that happens. Not today. Battery must be dead or something. :confused3 Poor DH had to come home from work to rescue us. :eek: Oh well, we are back in and warm now so all is good. :goodvibes

    Have a great Wednesday ladies! :cool1:
  12. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    That is such 'busy' mommy thing to do! Glad your DH came to the rescue and you weren't stuck outside for too long. It sounds like we are having similar weather today. :headache:
  13. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma Mouseketeer

    Janet has landed!!! I'm waiting for her in the lobby. Next stop AK. After the park closes we are hitting DTD!
  14. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    Of course you can stay!!! Lots of GRAND love here :lovestruc




    Nice!!! Sounds like we may have a mega RC meet in August :hyper:

    So Janet and I were chatting...here's the contenders...OKW, BLT, POR

    But of course...WL, Poly, GF are on the brain :confused:

    Awwww, hope she's feeling better soon..I much prefer when everyone is sick at once...the kiddos got me sick as well...ugh

    I have no clue...that's why DH keeps telling me to budget :(

    :woohoo: I am SO glad...I was very relieved to hear she was at the Gate this morning!!
  15. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    Pas What can you tell me about RPR? I know were going to be in tower 2 in the doggy section. We will probably have a crappy view and location, but that's ok. Can you tell me about the pool. How are the drinks 15 dollars like the Hardrock.:furious: Do they have activities and games for the kids? What do you do for a quick breakfast if your not staying CL? Have you tried the breakfast buffet? I have heard good things about it. How long is the walk to city walk? I think that its.

    I tried not to split, but I couldn't control myself. We are know doing a WL/YC split. Why no Poly you ask? I am tying to keep cost down. This is not the last trip before Ap expires. I'm thinking Poly Cl/ BW CL in Sept for our short end of the Ap trip in September. Or is it? My dh would like to get Ap's again if he gets his job back in Phoenix.:eek:

    I don't think I'm done with this trip. It just doesn't feel quite right yet. I'm sure you know what I mean.
  16. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    Janet and GG Have a great trip. I came home last night from work and the tree was down.:cool1:Dh took care of it. It took me 3 hours to notice. Yeah the holiday season is over. Spring is on the way.

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    Janet is trying to decide where to eat at AK (of course I had to ask her about her first meal!) Will it be FTB or a meal with a cocktail to toast Sarah at Y&Y or maybe a meal with a little character at TH? (they have cocktails, too;)) She is off to POR now! I'm getting hungry so off to make some spring break ADRs I go:teleport:
  18. DetTigsGal

    DetTigsGal Mouseketeer

    chimo2u- we stayed at the grand californian a couple of summers ago...really liked it, reminded us of the WL...and it is connected to California adventure.

    GG and Janet- thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful and magical time :)

    My boys are pushing for a June trip, I'm not sure if my Disney loving husband is on board. No other suggestions are sounding good though.

    In the dis unplugged podcast from last week, Pete mentioned our marching band and pics are in the NYE Epcot photo gallery :). Very exciting!!!

    Hi to all, am still following all your escapades
  19. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    I would stick with one of the onsite hotels. You can't beat the location the Grand California. You are literally inside California Adventure. I know prices are crazy right now. I think when the novelty of Carsland wears off they will bring back the discounts. If your looking at offsite hotels check out the Embassy Suites at Disneyland. Great free cooked to order breakfast. Free cocktails from 5-7. Not just beer and wine, but a full bar. You also get a nice big suite.
  20. DznyCrzy11

    DznyCrzy11 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference wh

    I completely know what you mean!!! I had thought about going elsewhere, thankfully my DH is just fine w/WDW, and of course I am too, but thought it would be nice to travel elsewhere. Anyways, once you add everything up, it's a better deal going to WDW. We had gone down to Savannah, GA a few yrs ago and by the time you add up the cost of doing things here and there, you could pay for a day at WDW, lol.

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  21. DznyCrzy11

    DznyCrzy11 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference wh

    I say Y&Y! Although I love the breakfast at TH, never had lunch or dinner there.

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