And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Dis703

    Dis703 New Member

    Oh sure, throw something else into the mix, lol. Actually I did look at suites initially but the price was enough that to me it wasn't worth it. If I'm spending more I want to be closer/more convenient to the parks. Thought about the cabins too but read that it can be really tough to get around.
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  3. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    When we changed our plans they exchanged WDW tix for US/IoA :thumbsup2 Super nice there too!!

    How about the next day...stay an extra 2 days...and I can come see you!!!:goodvibes

    :love: Girls adventure!!

    That's what makes it fun :laughing:

    Not a weirdo!!! It'll be great:goodvibes


    Sounds like it's time to try BC or BWI :thumbsup2


    It's all good Jen:hug:

    :cloud9:Samwise is soooooooooooooooo cute!!

    Stay safe and warm :hug:

    6ish inches...thankfully not too bad, spent hrs doing snowball wars..not a bad night at work :rolleyes1


    All good in NJ BFF:)

    Love it Candace :cutie:


    :hug: Hi sis!!!

    :welcome: Having a double stroller...I would definitely recommend BC.....easy peasy. And request a balcony to chill during naptime. POR IMO is too small for all of you! Poly has a higher procetag but the rooms are HUGE compared to the moderates....JMHO. How exciting!!!

    And there is NOTHING wrong with you...there are way too many excellent choices is all!!:goodvibes
  4. Dis703

    Dis703 New Member

    :welcome: Having a double stroller...I would definitely recommend BC.....easy peasy. And request a balcony to chill during naptime. POR IMO is too small for all of you! Poly has a higher procetag but the rooms are HUGE compared to the moderates....JMHO. How exciting!!!

    And there is NOTHING wrong with you...there are way too many excellent choices is all!!:goodvibes[/QUOTE]

    That's what I'm hoping for, nice and easy. And yes I did request a full balcony particularly for naps and after bedtime. I did hear Poly rooms were bigger. I also thought I heard WL rooms were bigger, but that didn't make sense because they don't hold a party of 5?

    And I like that too many choices...I'm not insanely obsessed or anything...just too many choices. Got it! ::yes::

  5. padawans

    padawans New Member

    GG Love the puppy... so cute.

    MM Love the snow bunny she's even cuter than the puppy.

    Dis703 Embassy suites and BC sound great.

    Jen I think waiting to decide on the AP's is a good idea. It does lock you in on your vacations for a year, and if you have other plans...maybe not a great idea. It's almost like you have an obligation to go.

    Pas I didn't know you could change your mind on tickets too. I probably did not need to know that. :bitelip:
  6. Sue M

    Sue M New Member

    Soooo cute!!!! :love:
  7. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    MAGIC Linda your so sweet to think of me I just told Janet we got 22" now they upped it to 24" looks like 30 around here. I have managed to shovel about 4 feet but Bella still will not go inside or out for me almost 36 hours so I am very worried about her. I can only shovel a little before my COPD gives me hell. Hopeing the complex comes soon to dig me out but I doubt it streets not even plowed yet :(
  8. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    I AM obsessed :lmao: Glad to have you join us!! WL aren't bigger than BC from what I've read. There is a Deluxe room (sleeps 6) but that's big bucks and at best only gives 5% discounts...if that...I did a trip with DH in a wheelchair, and it was so nice to walk to Epcot or the boat to DHS you can roll right on :thumbsup2 Now we are a family of 7 so we get 2 rooms :scared: Between all of us...we can help answer questions on just about any resort!!! :grouphug:

    :lmao: Neither did I, I called and explained, and she was like, sure sent the tix back and I'll send you US tickets...then she credited my CC for the difference ;)

    :hug: Be safe Sheila! Poor Brandy was like that when she got older :littleangel: I'd shovel a small space and that was enough for her....our Nancy...we can't get her OUT of the snow...silly pups
  9. Sue M

    Sue M New Member

    So I may be a bit of a resort changer;). I have my August trip booked, at YC. Then decided to come in 2 days earlier and booked the BB offer for those 2 days at FQ. Now decided to surprise daughter and booked the 2 nights for GF. It's her dream resort. I'm looking forward to it too. I think we will just stay around the resort, with mornings in MK and just soak it all up. We have another 12 days at YC so will have lots of park time.
  10. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    :welcome: Welcome Sue!!! I recognize you from the BC thread!! :goodvibes The GF is my favorite!!! It is a great place to just chill, shop, relax at the pool or in the lobby! What a fantastic surprise!! And a perfect split stay!! ANd with the BB rate, even better!!!!!
  11. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    Hi Sue! Nice to see you around these parts. :goodvibes
  12. Dis703

    Dis703 New Member

    Just curious. For anyone who had stayed at the Boardwalk and BC which did you prefer and why?

    Also, how small is the daybed at BW? In the description it's listed as a junior bed which is part of why we booked BC.

    And do all the rooms at BW have full balconies? I read somewhere here that they do, but the description on Disney's site says "some" rooms have balconies.

  13. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma New Member

    I've stayed in the villas at both. As silly as it sounds the main reason I prefer BCV is it is much easier to use the refillable mugs and grab something quick to eat in the morning. :rotfl2:
  14. Dis703

    Dis703 New Member

    See now from reading descriptions of where you can get food and refills I was thinking the opposite. And that is funny you would pick over that. Everyone has their thing I guess. This will be our first trip using the mugs so we'll see how much I like them.
  15. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Have you considered yacht club ?? Most have balconies I like the decor more at bwi..but I like the pool at bc better. The daybed is probably like poly/gf twin size. My 2 boys actually shared at gf 10 and 2 at the time I think :)
  16. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    At BWI they have the daybed where the back pulls down and makes a twin sized bed (like at the monorail resorts). At BC/YC I have gotten rooms with no daybed, the pull down daybed, and daybed that is basically a couch that you can sleep on if you pull off the back cushions and is much smaller then the other kind.

    I agree with GG that snacks/mug refills are much easier at BC.

    Don't know much about the balconies at BWI but I remember being on the Boardwalk and looking up. The rooms over the Boardwalk Bakery have standing room only balconies.

    As pas said, YC will get you a full balcony.
  17. Debrn

    Debrn New Member

    Hi All, glad everyone survived the shovel out.

    So just off phone with BFF (our daughters are BFF's too) she owns at AKL and is going 2/24-3/1 we are booked 2/25 pop then 2/25-3/5 YC CL
    Of course kids already asking if they can go to parks together and swim together. So this is making me consider split AKL/YC :idea:

    Has anyone done this split?
  18. Grumpy Grandma

    Grumpy Grandma New Member

    Just not into early morning having to go out on the Boardwalk .... feel like I have to be totally presentable for the world but for some reason if I just have to run downstairs to the gift shop area I don't feel I have to be as pulled together. Crazy .... right? :confused3 :rotfl2:
  19. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull


    Just thought I would pop in before starting my homework and say hello. :wave2: Since my online class was down on Friday, I have to do school work today.
  20. Sue M

    Sue M New Member

    :wave2: nice to see a few familiar people here!

    Thanks for the welcome!

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    :welcome: to our newest Resort Changers! I hope everyone affected by Nemo is doing alright.

    I got way behind DISing this weekend, but managed to find time to make a change:rolleyes1. I am still holding on to FWC, just a little less since I added AKL CL and an extra night up front. I would have done this in reverse with CL at the end, but the military 40% off is blacked out after 3/25. So the first 3 nights are AKL CL (40%) and the final 5 are FWC (20% - my lowest discount ever, but better than nothing). And, I discovered that FWC guests can use Sturdy Branches at WL, so I'm a happy camper!

    In my best Ahnold voice - I'll be back...
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