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And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    Awww....death has got to be very confusing for a child, so I'm sure there must be questions galore!! HUGS to you and your family! :hug:
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  3. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    I know...it's hard on adults, not to mention the little ones. I find it tricky sometimes to come up with the right words to answer those questions. We want to be honest, but not brutally so. :confused3 Thanks for the hugs. :flower3:
  4. padawans

    padawans New Member

    Jen I'm glad it was beautiful service for a very special lady.

    Um speaking of questions. I told my kids we were getting our dog neutered next week. WOW did I open a can of worms. The questions that were flying out their little mouths. YIKES.:scared1: I'm sure you get the picture. I was totally unprepared for that discussion:bitelip:

    I won't bore with my Universal "where the heck is my refund story". I have done enough complaining for one week. I'm going to try to have a more positive attitude.:beach: It only took about 45 minutes, but we found the money. 45 minutes out of my day is nothing. :smokin:
  5. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    :rotfl: Ha! No kidding, kids always have a way of putting you on the spot!
    I am glad you got your money back from Universal, and 45 minutes is a bit of a wait I would say! Glad you are feeling a bit better about everything, and don't worry about complaining. We don't mind! :goodvibes
  6. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    Jenny - I'm glad things went smoothly today. I was thinking about you guys a lot today. :hug:

    padawans- I am absolutely shocked at the questions I've been getting from DS8 this school year. Apparently there is a boy in his class that likes to think he knows a thing or two and likes to share. :crazy2:

    In the past few months I've had way more then my fair share of talks about sex (gay and straight), drugs, racism, guns, you name it. :confused3

    The good news is, I'm getting pretty good at openly talking about uncomfortable subjects. I just wish it didn't have to happen so soon. They are still just babies in my mind.

    I'm glad you got Universal figured out. :goodvibes
  7. padawans

    padawans New Member

    I wasn't on hold. I was actually getting bounced around from one confused person to the next confused person. I felt like screaming "Show me the money".

    The funny thing is I really want to go to Universal, and I might end up rebooking it. I just hope I don't have to cancel it again.:scared:
  8. padawans

    padawans New Member

    Anyway I think I'm over being angry.:goodvibes I have accepted the fact that I will not be able to change my May reservation.:sad: Talk about going cold turkey. I've already got the shakes. I need to enter a RC'r rehab center stat. I hope you guys can help me get through the next 3 months. Will I be cured or will I return to my old ways as soon as I book that BB in May? Anybody care to bet on it?:confused3
  9. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    I don't think there is a cure!!!:rotfl: We are here to hold your hand though!!::yes::
  10. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    I'm happy you are all better!!! :yay:

    Welcome back!!! :goodvibes
  11. padawans

    padawans New Member

    I'm going to live vicariously through you and Pas. I know...I know your done. Pas on the other hand is never done. I have high expectations for her.

    Have you called to check on Poly Cl? What about that split? If you ever need a little encouragement to make a change just ask. I may not be a changer at the moment, but I am a great enabler.
  12. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member


    Nope. I'm not even going to bother calling about the split. DH says no, no,NO!. So, that's that.

    The only way I'm changing, possibly, is if Poly GV CL becomes available for all 10 nights....::yes::
  13. padawans

    padawans New Member

    Never say no mousemommy. You jinx yourself.

    I was thinking about dropping a night off Wl( that's allowed apparently)and booking a night at AKL with Spring discount. My dh says they got rid of interline rate because I was driving them nuts. Ok maybe that's true, but they can't stop me. I will find a way.

    Ok I have to go. My 8 year old is really distressed over the dog getting his balls cut off. Someday I will learn to keep my mouth shut.
  14. chimo2u

    chimo2u New Member

    Jen ((( :hug: 's))) to you! I pray nana's memory always brings a smile to your face and a hug to your heart when you think of her!

    As to me and any Disney plans -- well, you all know I didn't get the big raise I was Hoping for with the new job, but my DS really wants to go to DL with his BF next Feb (thinking 2-7 or so) -- 4 days or 3 days at Disney, one day at universal and of course they heard that knotts berry farm is close / and perhaps 6 flags?? So one day at one of those coaster parks. Thing is -- on site is so expensive. I have always wanted to stay at DLH, concierge level of course! But by golly, it's costly! My son says he doesn't care if we stay offsite, he just wants the rides and DTD! I am all worried I will miss the magic if I don't stay at DLH on site! I priced GCH Dvc rental, and it's just as costly/ no club level, so if I was to pay that money, I'd go for DLH for the boys. Offsite I am thinking of embassy suites....or home wood suites? They at least have a good hot free breakfast! But I can't help but think how much I really want to stay on site! I'd love to make this trip a reality, as my last trip to the world left a sad feeling in my heart, even my DS didn't feel it in Oct. and he felt my friend kind if pulled the trip down. She did in a way, and I'd like to go to DL with my baby boy and his friend, and hopefully find some of that fun, magic and excitement back again! Don't know when I can book for Feb 2014, but I'm going to try and make it happen if I can! Budget, budget, budget ;)
  15. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    Totally off topic, but now when I see that I think of a book I just finished that the main character's name is Dani.

    Thanks. Me too. I meant to call the doctor this morning to see if I could get in, but then I got side tracked by school, organizing some stuff I have been planning on for months, and spending money.

    That is awesome!! Grats to them both.

    Actually, right about the time I read this post earlier, it started bleeding again. I blew my nose and it just started right up. I meant to respond earlier, but as soon as I got it stopped, the DH pulled me into playing SW:ToR.

    We just really aren't thinking about our trip at all right now. As soon as we get our taxes done, if we get a return, we'll look at the trip again. I'm willing to bump the resort down to the CSR if needed. We did our first value this last June (stayed at the Pop Century) and if all of the values and an equivalent to that, I'll never do a value. Then if they offer free dining, we don't have to upgrade to the DlxDDP. It'll just mean no Le Cellier and uber yummy mushroom risotto. Then instead of adding extra time to be able to do a few sight see'ing things on the way there, it'll just be a get there quick thing.

    Give your DH a great big :hug: from me. My DH was freaking out before his grandmother's funeral because they talked about having it on Sunday, which would have been our wedding anniversary. Luckily, they had it on the Saturday instead. The hotel didn't have enough rooms, so we didn't take the DSs with us. They still have yet to go to a funeral, which I am glad they haven't had to.

    I know this has been stressful, but the "show me the money" part really made me :lmao:

    Well we could take bets, but knowing us, we would just keep changing the option we wanted our money put on.

    :lmao: Your DH sound like mine about the split stay. You just need to add a heck into the "no" mix.

    :lmao: oh goodness, I've had times like that with my boys. Just be glad they haven't slapped their teacher on the rear and said, "woman, get in that kitchen and make me some lunch."

    I wish I could help with the planning of a CA trip, but the closet I have been to the state is Las Vegas.

    That is the plan I have for our trip, budget, budget, budget. We'll do the CR /w TPV as a graduation gift.

    Well my iPhone was bugging me (I had the 4, not even the 4S), and I had an upgrade available. I needed to go to the store anyway, so I stopped in and upgraded my phone. I was going to keep my old one, but they offered me almost $140 for it. Which paid for me going from a 16GB to a 32GB. Now I just have to wait for Amazon to deliver....
    I don't order a lot from Amazon, but I ordered two things and I paid to have it next day. For some reason, the items are being shipped separately and only one will get here tomorrow. :confused3

    **Donald Duck style rant** OMG, I just check on the case and it won't be here until at least February 20, even though it shipped today. Why? Because it's coming from China!! What the heck?? I had no idea when you got something on Amazon it could be coming from China!! I am not happy at all. Plus I thought when I payed for the Next Day Air for the order, it covered both items not just the one. Plus it's coming from China!!
  16. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    :rotfl: POOR PUPPIE!!!!!!!!! :rotfl:

    I actually left out the part where he told me that I could switch to the Poly and that he and the girls will stay at YC :lmao: (I think he's serious) :rotfl2:
    He is just super excited about staying at an Epcot resort....walking distance from the World Showcase (and beer) :rolleyes2

    And anyways....why do I feel the need to change my reservation which would cost more which would mean not PIF anymore....I just like to spend money I think. Grrrr! :scared:

    China....:upsidedow. It's hard to find something NOT from China these days...I've been trying harder to find Made in America products but its tough!
    But the shipping shouldn't take that long!! When we purchased my iPad a year ago, through Apple, it came directly from China and I was shocked that it got here in 2 days!!!! (I didn't even pay for expedited shipping!)
  17. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    :cheer2: Congrats!!! That's exciting!!!

    This morning HRH was saying how she was so confused and doesn't know where she wants to pick. Bree wants to go for her birthday in May...I guess they just speak out loud things that happen in my brain :rotfl2:

    Yep, I think yes....I want the GF....HRH is on a BWI kick...DH is wanting off site (I showed him a townhouse which was 599/week ) Oh boy :upsidedow

    :hug: Jen, breathe the hard part is over...now lots of Angel talk :littleangel: The girls still talk about Sarah in Heaven. I will be good for the girls to realize their Nana is watching them :goodvibes Reinforce Nana is healthy and happy now :hug:

    I had quite an ordeal with Universal in 2010 :scared: I was never going back...ever...that was then...

    Glad they found the mulah!!!

    The boys must feel bad for the pup :rotfl:

    Rehab only has a 0.1% success for RCers....save the therapy money for a trip...stick with us...no charge :grouphug:

    I am never done :flower3: I have spreadsheets for my vacation budget...it's pathetic :rotfl2:


    You think all the CMs handling the interline rate quit...IMPRESSIVE :rotfl:

    I was also looking at AKL...HRH said she wants to be close to the parks..I asked which park...she said all :faint: GF and Poly are not close enough...maybe a RV at the TTC :crowded:

    Your boys...poor things...:hug: My DS11 (12 tomorrow....is someone else having a birthday tomorrow :scratchin) still keeps asking about how Uncle Dennis and Jim are married. He gets it, but is curious still..that plus the "talk" geez TMI :sad:

    I am with you Marie :hug:

    That's a great gift!!!
  18. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    Oh, I'm not surprised about it being made in China, just that it's being shipped from there. If I had known it was going to take that long, I would have bought something else. It's probably too late at this point. I'll just have to be super careful with the iPhone.
  19. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout New Member

    Good morning, ladies. :goodvibes

    Jen: Was thinking of you guys yesterday. Big hugs to all of you... :hug: I loved the post you shared about Nana. She was clearly a special lady with a lot of pluck. :lovestruc

    Melissa: I'm already doing this for those upcoming pics popcorn::

    Wookie: Ohhh, I love how Merida is at the top! :worship: We just watched Brave again on Monday. I was crying through a lot of it. :confused3 :lmao: My wee girlie was born in Scotland... they did such a good job with the "scenery" (and the voice acting) -- it gets me every time I see it.

    Candace: Yeeeeees! I agree... no, No, NOOO to the split. Gonna do a little keep the YC dance now :dance3:

    Padawans: Last night, I read your post... and when I got to the "balls cut off" bit, I about died laughing. :rotfl:


    Pas & I_Heart: Oh, I'm giggling at your "talks" too. Though, I'm not going to laugh too much since I know my time's coming. :lmao: (She's already asked about babies and how they get inside of mommies. :rolleyes: )

    Lots of love to you ladies... :love: Will check in on the happenings at the RC Insane Asylum later. :duck:
  20. i_heart_the_mouse

    i_heart_the_mouse New Member

    Miss - That pic is hilarious! I can't stop laughing. :rotfl2: How cool is it that your DD was born in Scotland! I can see why you like Brave! :)

    Mousemommy - So ummm, no splits for the DH, huh? :rotfl: That's ok. Just another reason to keep coming back to try out each resort. :thumbsup2

    Janet - That's awesome that our dates may overlap. I hope we can meet up again if you go! :cool1:

    wookie - Love the Iphone cover! I hope it gets here super fast. :boat: Sorry about the nosebleeds :hug:

    pas - Are you still at WL? :listen:

    chimo2u - Good luck planning that DL trip. I know nothing about it out there, but I really want to try it someday. DD1 is obsessed with watching the Youtube video of IASW with the Disney characters. So cute! I'd love to show her the real thing someday.

    babyberger - So whatcha baking today? I'm hungry! :rolleyes1

    gwynne - You warmed up at all today? It's in the low 20's with sunshine here today and when I went out to get the mail I thought it felt great. :beach: :laughing:

    Hi to everybody else :wave2:
  21. basketlacey

    basketlacey New Member

    Hi everyone! I am totally going to botch this without using multi quote! But here goes an attempt:

    Marie - so sorry you didn't get the new job but excited that you get to stay PT. I would love to reduce my hours! Plus, you are still going to try for a trip - yay!

    Pas - you have to help me understand how GF is $600 cheaper than WL. I thought WL was one of the cheaper deluxes and GF is the most expensive???

    Jenny - hope all the girls are feeling better and you too!

    Wookie - love the iphone case! I made a similar amazon blunder two days after Christmas. I ordered an ipod extender so Lilly's ipod would plug into her docking station with the otterbox style case on it. It still isn't here........ Nothing on the posting indicated it was coming from China. I think I have to give it until February 8 to get here.:rolleyes:

    padawans - so glad you are feeling at least part of the magic. Please don't be upset with me if I chuckle a bit while you fight to not be able to change your reservation between now and May - it will be laughing with love! :grouphug: At least you have YC - that's a great one! And I am totally expecting you to influence the other RC'ers.

    iheart - congrats on the Art Contest!

    MM - congrats on no changes :rotfl2: You are going to love the EPCOT area! SAB is so awesome. Are both of your girls independent swimmers?

    I know I am missing some that I wanted to comment on! :confused3 I should have taken notes!

    Hi to Janet, Ginny, Melissa, Dani, Deena; welcome Ali!

    I priced DL today for Spring Break. I really want to hit one or the other for my bday. Wondering if DL will be less crowded? See, I am a RC wanna be. I won't book until I decide - isn't that crazy? I have to get it all figured out first so I am indecisive up front and then once I put my money in, I lock down! I have so many scenarios going right now! Need to look into airfare because that could definitely sway it.

    I did book us at GWL for Valentine's Day. Just a quick little overnight followed by two nights at a hotel for a dance competition that happens to be in the same city.
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