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All Star Music FAQ thread and tips

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by cstooge462, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. cstooge462

    cstooge462 Earning My Ears

    Okay so I have noticied a lot of threads about Disney resorts, but there is non dedicated to All Star Music, so I decided to start one. I will be there in Sept for 10 nights and I would love to know some tips and what are your favorite things about this resort.
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  3. jonna30

    jonna30 Member

    Thank you!!! I feel like the ASMu is "ignored" by everyone but "Linda" on theses boards. We also are eagerly anticipating our stay in Sept. HOWEVER, I wish that I knew way more about what to expect.
  4. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Congrats on starting a All Star Music FAQ thread:

    All Star Music has a rose garden near the broadway section.
    It is very nice place to sit and relax.

    Music has added games and contests by the pool in the afternoon and has movies by the pool at 9 PM.

    From this website:


    As we noted on last week's MousePlanetWatch news podcast, We've gotten a couple of reports about the "something special" that we were told to keep our eyes out for at All-Star Music and Yacht & Beach Club. At All-Star Music, we've heard that folks have found karaoke sessions for dance parties near the pools, a nightly movie by the Calypso pool and in increase of staff to make it easier for guests to find assistance. ......

    Music has added games and contests by the pool in the afternoon and has movies by the pool at 9 PM.

    Here is a review thread about the Family Suites and it also tells about the activities and buses at All Star Music:


    And a review of All Star Music from this thread:

    It seems to me that All Star Music is trying harder.


    All Star Music is my favorite resort. It tends to be the quietest of all the values.

    All Star Music just underwent a refurbishment of all of the rooms and was completed in June 2007.

    Here is a website with photos of the newly refurbished rooms at All Star Music.

    Look at the Jazz Inn section with new posted:


    Please see my info thread For the resons why I enjoy All Star Music so much.


    Have fun at Disney!:wizard:
  5. Family Fun Mom

    Family Fun Mom <font color=green>No longer tagless... my wit has

    Thanks for starting this thread! I have three top contenders for my trip next year, two rooms at POP, SOG, or ASMu family suites. As of right now, ASMu is in the lead. This thread may be just what I need to clinch it :goodvibes
  6. disneymath

    disneymath Mouseketeer

    Thanks for starting this thread. My family and I are looking at ASMu Family Suites for December! Hopefully there are many DISers out there who can help supplement "Linda's" info! :goodvibes
  7. Family Fun Mom

    Family Fun Mom <font color=green>No longer tagless... my wit has

    Is it true that there are never any pins, codes, or discounts offered for the family suites? Even during times like the Wonderful Weeks of Disney?
  8. safetymom

    safetymom <font color=deeppink>Have <img src=http://photopos

    The last several times Disney offered codes there were discounts on the family suites.
  9. winterman

    winterman Mouseketeer

    I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. After two stays at POP, we are looking to try some place different. Linda has me just about convinced but I want to see what other people have to say too. I would especially like to here more about the food court ( and how it compares to POP's.)

    Our next trip will be late April, early May. I would love to stay at POFQ (we loved our one visit there.) But DH has problems with the cost, so I'm looking at ASMu as a cheaper, but pleasant alternative.

    :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:
  10. cstooge462

    cstooge462 Earning My Ears

    Thank you alll so much for posting. :goodvibes I agree that All Star has been ignored so lets hope to put an end to that. I have a laundry question and hoping that someone will have the answer. I will be at ASMU for 10 days and will probably need to do some laundry during one of our afternoon breaks. Can anyone tell me how much does it cost to wash and dry and are the laundry areas busy mid afternoon?

    Also "Linda" if you are out there we would love to hear some of your tips.:thumbsup2
  11. bugsbuni70

    bugsbuni70 Earning My Ears

    I stayed at Pop in May. Im staying At All Star Music for the first time. Thanks for the info. Are the games and movies my 5yr would be able do?:banana:
  12. 10_Kyle_10

    10_Kyle_10 Mouseketeer

    Cant wait till Oct! First time staying @ Music...Does anyone know if the movies will continue running at 9pm? or was this a summer peak thing?
  13. minnie61650

    minnie61650 <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    I'm here.:wave2:

    Tips to reduce room noise at your resort



    I stay at the values quite often and have never had an issue with noise.

    The noise issues come with :

    1. The main pool is located very close to some of the value rooms.

    The themed pools at the mods and deluxes are set away from the rooms.

    Tip: Ask for a room facing away or located a ways from the main pool.

    2. Turbo toilets

    The Values are newer and have the turbo toilets.
    * Note: AKL,OKW and SSR also have the turbo toilets.

    Tip: Close your bathroom door at night because noise travels through the plumbing.

    3. Connecting rooms

    About 50% of the value rooms have connecting doors.

    Noise will travel under the connecting doors in a room.

    Tip: If you have noisy neighbors open your connecting door and place a rolled up bath towel on the floor between then close and lock your connecting door.

    Some Guests have found that using a fan or white noise machigan helps them sleep better.

    These tips should help you get a restful sleep wherever you choose to stay.

    Have fun at Disney!:wizard:
  14. disneymath

    disneymath Mouseketeer

    The towel trick between the connecting doors is one I never would have thought of.
  15. Disneyholic

    Disneyholic Official Disneyholic! CM Wannabe! I'll Never Grow

    Were the codes just for packages or room only? I have a room only family suite booked for the end of October and couldn't get a AAA rate for it but didn't have any codes to book with when I booked it. Were they AP, General Public or Disney VISA?
    It would really be nice to get a discount on the room since DD & her DH are going with us on a budget trip and we would all like to save a little money on the room to spend elsewhere in the World.:thumbsup2
  16. kath1210

    kath1210 Mouseketeer

    This thread is a great idea!

    We just returned from a trip to ASMu, our first since October 2005, when I fell in love with this resort. The renovated rooms are just gorgeous! The beds are comfortable, the new carpet is so cute with Mickey heads all over, and the wood furnishings are very beautiful.

    We really like the food court and the pools, and the landscaping is so lush. In fact, after "remembering" why we fell in love with ASMu, we changed our Christmas reservations from one room at the Beach Club to two rooms at ASMu. Saved a lot of money, and we'll have two TVs, two bathrooms, and 4 beds! We always rent a car, and drive almost everywhere, so proximity to a theme park is not such a big deal for us.

    Here are some pictures of the renovated rooms:

    New bedspreads


    Towel Mickey head


    New table and chairs


    Close-up of table with Mickey heads


    New armoire




    New bathroom curtain with bowed rod


    New toiletries - soap and shampoo/conditioner combo (smelled great)


    New headboard and lights


    Rack to hang coats, etc.

    By kath1210
  17. Family Fun Mom

    Family Fun Mom <font color=green>No longer tagless... my wit has

    :cool1: :banana: :woohoo: :cheer2: :dance3:

    That's great news! I'll have to keep close watch on that.
  18. JAA'smom

    JAA'smom Member

    I have a couple of questions. Do they have the frozen cokes like at POP? Also, what kind of movies do they show? Just cartoons or is it a mix? Thanks this is my families first stay here and we are really excited.:banana:
  19. Babboo

    Babboo Earning my Ears with SharkyGoddess

    Not at all. We just used the Visa codes but found it less expensive to get two adjoining rooms than a single family suite - even after adding the fridge. I can't find my notes but IIRC the difference was more than $400 between the two.

    Those codes were just recently released for the Disney Visas.
  20. Patti_C

    Patti_C Member

    Can you move the bed against the wall? If they do move I thought it might give me more room.
  21. P&L@WDW

    P&L@WDW Member

    I can't wait. I stayed at AS Music for my last trip, and I'm returning for my next one. 7 days today, at this time, we'll be landing in Orlando and heading to the resort to check in! I can't wait. I love the Music!

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