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365 days of healthy choices... Year #3 starts with post 356, comments welcome!

Discussion in 'WISH Journals' started by PRINCESS VIJA, Jun 1, 2011.


    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Today the scale read "E".:scared1:

    Ummm, OOOOOOPs! that isn't good! I have been dieting my way to the heaviest I have ever been. Now that my home scale says "E" for error, I know it is time to get things done. I am too heavy for my home scale! :sad2: I have had so many reasons to get healthy: live for my kids and hubby, health scares, vacations, goals and dreams. I keep putting things off, procrastinating has been a way of life for me. I can't do that anymore. I NEED to do this for me. I am too embarassed to put a number out there to let you know my starting weight. Eventually I'll "come clean", but for now, I am starting this journey and I am going to succeed this time!:banana:

    goals for this week:

    Log all of my food and keep track of calories
    Exercise 1/2 hour a day
    Keep up to date on journaling
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    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Why is this so hard????

    I have such great intentions in the morning. I woke up Wed and Thurs and exercised right away. Today I had to be at work super early, and didn't exercise tonight.

    Well, I am desperate to find that "thing" to motivate me to get back to the journey of losing weight. I almost died last August, and still haven't figured it out yet. I weigh more now than I ever have. You would think that being so close to death would have shaken me to get motivated. It scared me alright, but the only way I knew how to deal with the scare is to eat the stress away.

    I think what holds me back is that I have over 1/2 my body weight to loose, and I see how LONG this is going to take. In my head I make the excuse that one more day won't really matter. I can have one more "last hurrah" with the foods that I crave. But each day runs into the next and then a week, a month, a year have gone by and I am still miserable.


    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    June 5th, 2011

    OK, I have been inspired by a few ladies.

    I have been reading the Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. She is so funny, and her story is heartwarming and inspiring. She had a lot to loose like me and she did it. It took a long time, but she did it!

    I happened to be clicking through the TVguide and came across the movie Julie and Julia. Something she said in there while she was talking on the phone to her mom in the beginning inspired me to focus on 1 year. I don't remember exactly what she said, but it really inspired me to do something every day for a year to help myself get healthy.

    and finally a lady right here on WISH inspired me. From her user name she is BernardandMissBianca ( I think I saw her name is Buffy) She posted an inspriational quote yesterday and it really seemed to touch my soul.

    you don't have to be great to start,
    but you have to start to be great

    Between these 3 ladies I really got inspired and saw a vision for myself. 1 year... 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days... OOOPS, actually it is 366 because it is leap year next year! So I get an extra day to get healthy!:banana:

    I need a start, I know I can be great at weight loss, I just need to actually do it, and prove myself!

    So, for today I really wanted to work on breaking my addiction to fast food. So for today we didn't have any fast food meals. THAT is an accomplishment itself.

    I also went for a long walk outside up and down hills, and I made the commitment to not snack after dinner.

    So far so good for day 1!!!!!:woohoo:

    In the afternoon we went out for a walk in the local park, we also went to the batting cages, hit some golf balls and went for one round in the goKarts. I was so scared it wouldn't work for me, but I took a chance and was able to ride.

    I'm tired of being scared and not living life to the fullest. I am so excited about this year long journey! As I stepped off for my walk, I thought of the saying that A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step... I am really looking forward to that journey and took that one step today!

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    I'm doing pretty good!

    Last night I did have some chips before I went to bed, but didn't have a freak out. I just kept the portion smaller and planned to not have the sausage at breakfast.

    today I:
    skipped chocolate when visiting my managers office
    skipped putting butter on my potato at lunch
    drank twice as much water at work as I normally do
    avoided eating any meal at a fast food place
    plan on exercising on my stairmaster and going for a long walk
    plan on logging all of my food

    I like just focusing on the little accomplishments I am doing each day, helps me to keep positive and focused.

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    I am still doing good! I'm on a roll:thumbsup2

    We bought a new scale today. the old one is broken. So it may have been reading error just because it was broken, because it won't work for DH either.
    I gave in and bought a dial scale, I do prefer the digital, but I guess this will do. I did feel good today, I worked out and then when we were getting the scale, I felt a bit down. there were 2 little girls in the store, and one was pointing to my tummy. :sad2: She was doing it very covertly, I just happened to look at the wrong time. It made me very sad. Children are brutally honest, and that was hard for me to see. I had to reinforce to myself to just keep going, and that since I am on day 3, and doing well, this will get better and those things won't happen when I am smaller, it is just hard in the meantime.

    Yesterday I did exercise on the stairmaster, and took a very long walk up and down some hills. I didn't get my foods logged, I forgot about it when I went to bed.:blush:

    Today I didn't have butter on my potato at lunch.
    I ate a small bag of chips and even though a big bag was right next to me on the couch, I didn't have ANY!!!! that is a big accomplishment!:yay:
    I worked out 1/2 hour on my Wii just dance game. LOVE that exercise

    So, all in all still doing really well!!!!
  7. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only

    You do not need to put a number out there for any reason at all, unless you WANT to do it!

    Your goals for the week are DEFINITELY do-able! Nice way to start!

    Small steps..... that is what you need to think about. Set goals in small percentages... 10% at a time, or just 10 pounds at a time. I know you've had some suggestions over on the BL challenge, so I won't go into anymore detail here.

    You are sounding so much more positive now!!

    Nice job with skipping the chocolates and butter. Try swapping out a sweet potato for a white potato next time. I think that they are delicious with just a bit of salt.... no butter needed!

    WRITE IT BEFORE YOU BITE IT!! I try to always WRITE the foods in the journal, complete with points, before I eat them. It doesn't always work out, but I do it as often as is possible. When I pack my lunch for work, I journal it before I leave the house in the morning. DO NOT wait until the end of the day and try to rely on your memory!!

    I'll try to keep up with your journal, but no promises! How is today going?.......P

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    I am doing so good! I exercised before work, didn't have chips or fast-food. We have really strong thunderstorm coming through and I need to go, just had to pop in because I am so committed to doing this for a year.

    pjlla Thanks so much for your words of support! It means a lot to me!

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Still rolling!

    Last night we had a GREAT thunderstorm. I LOVE thunderstorms!:love: It was one of my favorites because DS and I sat out on the porch watching the thunder and lightning roll in. Very little rain with it, so we could just watch the beautiful show. We talked about stuff going on in his life, and it was really great! Very relaxing and loved sharing that with him.

    Today still doing well. Didn't snack after dinner and went for a walk with DH. I have also been drinking my water. I have a goal to drink at least 2 waterbottles at work each shift and I am doing that very well too.

    I feel very happy with doing so well. Gearing up for my first weekend, I will have to stay strong.

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    I'm really loving this journal. I like doing it day by day. Just focusing on healthy choices and not "deprivation" seems to be working for me.

    Today was interesting... I was working and didn't get my lunch till 4:15 pm! ( we usually eat dinner early, by about 4:30 - 4:45, so this was like skipping lunch and going right to dinner). I was so hungry and tired by the time I ate lunch, but perked up a bit after that. I ended up working almost 2 hours over my shift. by the time I got home it was 7:30 pm. In the past I would have EASILY just driven right over to Mcdonalds and had my dinner then, but I DIDN'T!!!!!!!:banana: I am so proud of myself!:thumbsup2

    We have a tradition in our house. On the first day of school we have fresh baked cookies and milk to talk over the happenings of the first day of school, and on the last day of school we have our own build your own ice cream sundae party. So we made our sundaes, I had lots of fresh strawberries and bananas on mine. I also had the naughty chocolate syrup, and a few pecans. It was sooo good!:goodvibes:love: It ended up being my dinner. It wasn't the healthiest choice, meaning, I should have had something more substantial, but it was far better than having McDonalds and THEN having the sundae.

    And then DH and I went for a long walk. Today was a great day!

    Oh, and BTW it is my and DH's 27 year dating anniversary!:lovestruc I know it is silly, but we do celebrate it. We were highschool sweethearts, and the tradition just stuck for us to keep celebrating our dating anniversary.

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    I've done this for one week!:banana: I feel very proud of myself! I know that I am working toward a lifelong lifestyle change, so don't take this the wrong way, but I have made it for 1 week and I have 51 to go! I haven't been able to make it for 1 full day in a long time, so to go for a week is pretty great.

    Today I did have some down moments....

    We went to breakfast on the farm, which is a local dairy farm hosts a breakfast and you can tour the farm. Well, as you can imagine it is pretty popular and they pack in the people. They directed us to a spot way down a row between tables. there was little room between the chairs that people were already sitting in. In a couple of spots it was just a couple of inches. I had no idea how I was going to make it down, and unfortunately I was more like a bull in a china shop and forced my way, bumping into people along the way. :sad2:

    the next bad spot was in the milking parlor. There is a spot that we had to squeeze through, and I had to really, really squeeze through it. It is made narrow so the cows don't come through that spot. I have no idea how I made it through there, I sucked it in and just jammed my body through, my back and butt were a little sore after that.:sad1:

    On the good side...

    I didn't like the eggs they had, and instead of just eating them, I decided I wasn't eating the calories just because it was on my plate. And I skipped the free samples of ice cream.

    AND they had 2 calves that were just born that morning, and I got to witness the first one stand up for the first time. It was truly amazing to see.

    Other things... a mix of good and bad

    We had Olive Garden for lunch and I didn't eat all of what was on my plate. At the Mall we went to in the past I would have bought something sweet like cinnabon, but I passed on that.

    We did have McDonalds for dinner, and I had a smaller sandwhich than what I would have had in the past. I am pleased that I made it 1 week without McDonalds, and know that I can increase the time frame in between. Considering that I was eating there daily, this is a victory.

    At night DH and I watched Extreme makeover weight loss edition and it was great to see the transformation, and see what a year of hard work can do. It helped reinforce that I am on the right path. I am really looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in this year.

    DH and I then went for another long walk. Nice way to end the day.
  12. J-2

    J-2 Member

    It sounds like you are off to a great start! Old habits are so hard to break and by making small changes gradually rather than a big change all at once, you are more likely to make that lifestyle change that will stick with you.

    Good for you! :thumbsup2
  13. skinnieminnie123

    skinnieminnie123 Earning My Ears

    You are doing amazing! You are making good choices! You will have days that are better than others, but you keep going one moment at a time. You are an inspiration!
    Keep up the good work!! :cool1:

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    THanks for your support, it is fun to see others are reading my journal! You are so right about hard habbits being hard to break, but slowly the tide is turning in my favor.

    Thank you as well, it feels great to be an inspiration to someone, as I am always looking to be inspired by others. I sure hope that after 365 days I'll have inspired lots of people!

    So... onto day 8, week 2

    FIRST, the results of week 1...... DRUMROLL please:rockband:
    I LOST 5#!!!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPY!:banana:

    Weekends are going to be tough I see! again some good and bad choices. We had a sensible lunch with 2 different sets of veggies and 1 fruit. Wow, that is impressive for me. Then we went geocaching. LOVE doing this. We only did 2 today. the hunt is so thrilling. After we found the second one, we walked in the park along the trail, it was great to get out.

    We are going out west this summer and getting out and walking in terrain other than the sidewalks is very helpful to get ready for our adventurous vacation.

    After lunch was the bad... I had chips, and chocolate chips:rolleyes1 I didn't go overboard. then came to the DIS and found myself on the DCL trip reports forum. I found a thread with lots of pictures of the DREAM and got me to FANTASIZING about our vacation on the FANTASY next year. That reinspired me and off to exercising I went. Spent 30 minutes on the stairmaster (up from my usual 20) and then I went for a walk. That felt good.

    We went out for pizza dinner, the pizza was gross so I chose not to eat it. and decided to get dropped off on the way home and walk most of it home.

    The bad part was that I was hungry then, and had ice cream while watching a movie.

    So a balancing act of good and bad.

    I plan to set my alarm early so I can get a workout in the morning. If I write it here, I am more likely to actually get up! LOL.
    See ya tomorrow
  15. BabyTigger99

    BabyTigger99 <font color=CC00cc>The most beautiful words in the

    Great job so far! Keep it up!
  16. pjlla

    pjlla <font color=blue><><<br><font color=deeppink>Only

    We still celebrate the anniversary of the weekend we met and our "engagement-iversary".

    I agree... nice way to end the day!

    It is truly a balancing act.... and trying to make sure that the good meals/days outnumber the bad!

    Glad to see you are still going strong!......................P

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Day 9! LOVE IT!

    I ate really good today. Just had a bit of chocolate after dinner, not much at all, and no snacking otherwise with healthy portions!

    I worked out with DD to Just Dance on the Wii. Love that game, I can dance and exercise at the same time. Then I love going for walks wtih DH at night. The sunset was beautiful.

    I am so happy with how today went. I also really wanted to step on the scale this morning, but I resisted. I will wait till Sunday, but it is hard. Last night I finished the book "the Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl". It is so good. It is about a girl who lost 1/2 her body weight. It was very inspiring. I am onto reading "tales from the Scale" a book that has different contributors to it. So far it looks great.

    BabyTigger99Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate it very much. And I will keep it up, even in such a short time I really feel invested in this endevour.

    pjllaThanks for the great words of wisdom. Depending on the schedule at work, I don't always have a choice as to when I eat. That part is hard to make things work, I work in health care, and patients do come first. I haven't tried skinny cow in a while. I had their ice cream sandwhiches a while back. I'm usually not to worried about sweets, I'm more of a creamy/salty craver. That is something I am trying to work on.

    That is so cool that you celebrate those special days too with your DH. It makes things so romantic remembering when and where it all started.

    I agree that breakfast on the farm will be a lot more fun at a lower weight, can't wait to experience that next year!

    Good night everyone, off to read a little before turning out the lighs!

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    so today an elderly patient of mine told me that if she knew then what she knows now she would do things alot differently. I asked her what she would do different and she said "I would have danced more, ice skated more, roller skated more.... and just done more". I have to say that REALLY touched my heart! She just wishes she would have enjoyed her youth and younger years and been more active. It makes me realize that although I have lost out on a lot of things becuae of my weight, it still isn't too late, and I better do "more" of the important things in my life, because you just never know what lies in store for you.

    So these are the things I want to do MORE...
    1. spend more time with the kids, seek out what they want to do, and enjoy them for their special gifts.
    2. Spend more time with DH in ze bedrooom!;):banana:
    3. Get outside and enjoy the outside more, even if it is just reading a book on the porch.
    4. Call my parents more
    5. Go to my parents lake cottage more
    6. have some nights out with the girlfriends
    7. Go geocaching more
    8. travel more, even if it is just within the county, just get out and experience new places
    9. Spend more time reading and less TV watching
    10. Spend more time playing games with the family
    11. Spend more time playing with our dog.

    I am sure I can think of more things to do More, but I think that is a good starting point.

    Accomplishments for today...
    1. Drank 3 bottles of water at work
    2. gave some of my french fries away
    3. Exercised before work on the stairmaster for 1/2 hour, and even increased the difficulty for the last 3 1/2 minutes
    4. Took a long walk tonight 45 minutes enjoying the beutiful outdoors! (see #3 above):goodvibes
    5. Had a fruit with lunch

    Now off to enjoy #2!!! :thumbsup2

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    A long day... how to get exercise in when your time at home is decreased? AND it is raining outside, but to be honest, I don't think my feet would be up to exercising today, they are pretty tired,and really hurt. When I drove into the garage, I decided that this would be a day that would be a recouperating day. Unfortunately that left me open to the couch, TV to catch up on shows that are DVR'd... and I had some chips. I had more than I should have, but I stopped myself from eating WAY too much, so that is good. I also had some chocolate, and intended to eat the whole bar, but as I was going upstairs I made the decision that this is NOT how I wanted to end the day, so I had 1/2 and put the other half away.

    So in the end I made some poor choices, saw the warning signs and stopped myself before I did any real damage and fell of the wagon. I don't ever want to have to start over, it is way too hard for me to get started. I like that I am on day 11. I will like each day more and more, because I am committing to myself to get healthier and although I did better than before by seeing that this could be a potential "fall of the wagon" night, and put the breaks on... I don't want another night like this again.

    Here's looking forward to day 12!:flower3:

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    So tonight We were watching TV and I wanted some Doritos Soooooo bad! I just kept telling myself "Hang on just a little bit longer", I could get up and get them, but I didn't really want to. I kept telling myself to how much better I would feel tomorrow having resisted today. the show ended, and I am now upstairs doing my daily update, and I resisted!!!!!:cool1:

    In addition I got a great workout in, I did the stairmaster and at the end I was doing intervals with the levels. I was very sweaty! Must have been a good workout. then I went for a long walk, about 45 minutes, purposely choosing a walk with hills.

    AND I strolled at night with DH too.

    Lunch wasn't the greatest choice, but I ended the day strong and I feel very proud.

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Did pretty good today, no snacking at all. I planned on working out when I got home, but I ended up working long hours, and we did a spur of the moment trip to visit my Mom and Dad tonight, so I didn't get a workout in. I still feel pretty good, and I am so happy I didn't snack at all.

    Love visiting Mom and Dad. Dad had a big health scare earlier this year, and I am so thankful he is here. Brought him his Father's Day present and it was a very nice visit.

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