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2012 Destashing Thread

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by 4 Ears, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. dismom9761

    dismom9761 New Member

    I have been lurking and finally made a small step toward destashing. I went through DD8's drawers and took out everything that didn't fit or she doesn't wear. I have a full bag to donate. I may do my drawers before I go to bed. There is so much to do!! I would like to get a lot done before school starts next week.
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  3. comicguy

    comicguy New Member

    Got rid of:

    Another book
    2 pairs of MP3 headphones that no longer work
  4. ilovepete

    ilovepete New Member

    Just went through all my books and we are getting rid a ton of them at the bookstore tomorrow. It feels so good to get things out of the house!
  5. Forever a Princess

    Forever a Princess One bottle of ketchup is not enough!

    So glad to be subscribing to this thread. :yay:

    I've been working on cleaning out our spare bedroom. Our little nephew is going to be "stopping by" for a weekend now and then so that my twin sister and her husband can catch a little break.

    So far we have taken one load to the Goodwill, one load to storage and Salvation Army picked up a couple of furniture items that would not fit in my car (to take Goodwill).

    This weekend we plan on cleaning out some more stuff. Feels great to purge!!!!

    By cleaning out the spare room we were able to set up crib and a changing table. Nephew hung out with us last weekend. We had such a great time.
  6. cluvsdisney

    cluvsdisney New Member

    I went through the kitchen cabinets. I recycled or will donate about 40 glasses, 6-8 coffee cups, some sports bottles & reusable coffee cups, 8 votive holders, domed cheese platter and a few other things.

    DH also agreed to sell or do something with half of our place settings...we have service for 16 which is absurd for 2 people. I am going to look into to the best/easiest way to get rid of them. I wouldn't mind getting some money for them if we can.

    I also set aside some more scrapbooking & stamping supplies to sell. I'll list them over the weekend.

    I stalled for a it but I feel like I made some real progress the past 2 days.
  7. Minnie-Mickey

    Minnie-Mickey New Member

    I have trouble purging the sentimental items. I have been purging alot for the past year. Looking around I feel like I have not done anything there is still soooo much stuff. In the spring the boyscouts were having a yard sale, I sent 3 truck loads full of stuff we had in storage. I had to do it quick as it reminded me of days gone by. I love my stuff that brings happy memories but, it is just stuff. I want to make room for present memories. So much stuff it is hard to do. One thing I cant yet do is purge the disney stuffed animals from our trips. I think I have passed along just a few.
  8. cluvsdisney

    cluvsdisney New Member

    The item is just a reminder, the memory is in your heart & mind. Would taking a picture of some of these items help?

    I put together a bag of bath towels I can drop off to the animal shelter.
  9. Minnie-Mickey

    Minnie-Mickey New Member

    Well, I did try the picture thing in Disney last time. We saw a puppet in epcot that looked just like DD. Instead of buying we took a picture. I am improving and declutter every week. I set up pick ups a few times a month all year. I want my house to look like a magazine. Problem is no one lives in those pictures so my goal is most likely unreasonable.http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/smilies/confused24.gif
  10. dreamin_disney

    dreamin_disney New Member

    I understand how you feel. After my mom dies it was hard getting rid of things that were sentimental even gift and knick knack people gave me as gifts. I think holding on to things is holding on to the past. For me it was several things like holding on to the happy times. I finally got to a point where the past is the past and i'm can't live in the present if I'm stuck in the past. The memories and goodtimes are all stored in my heart. I did keep a few thing that really meant a lot like pictures, my moms necklace, ring and letters from my dad when i was little(he left when i was 3 but would write once in awhile).

    I'm living in the present and I can't wait for the future!!!! For me decluttering was very hard at first but I had to take lil baby steps. Decluttering is like releasing stress for me. My home was never messing because all the clutter was hidden in the closet, under the bed, especially in the garage-lol! Now my home is free, clear of any hidden clutter and it feels so peaceful! I even want to work on myhealth and eating better and i nolonger stress eat. Sometimes when its hard to get rid of things or clutter look at your life and see if theres something in the past or present that can be the cause. Good luck!

    Today I finally got rid of 3 pairs of shoes that for some reason i could never get rid of, :confused3 , plus a pair of slippers , 2 purses and a grocery size bag of trash.

    dh still had his junk from the closet sitting in our dining area. He did go through it because I told him i was thinking of inviting my friend over for dinner but figured i couldnt because of his stuff. He filled a large trash bag 1/2 way full of junk mail, envelopes and trash. He filled a laundry basket full of mail and old bills to shredd. He had a smaller pile of stuff to file. Its a start but he still has more stuff to go through. Nextweekend I'm inviting guest over for dinner and thats a sure way of getting that mess out of there-lol!
  11. bettyann29

    bettyann29 <font color=blue>Heres my contribution for today..

    This thread really got me motivated over the last few days.. I have one last room, which is the kitchen to go thru and I am completely done with my destashing.. well, sort of.. until next weekend and then Im done..

    I went thru my bedroom and cleaned out my closet.. I had a tub of papers that I need to shred, so I put them in my trunk and will take them to my boyfriends house this week and shred them-- I went thru the clothes in my clothes and dresser and found 10 tshirts, 2 casual shirts, 2 dress shirts, 4 pairs of pants that do not fit and a hoodie-- I also got a pair of country boots, winter boots and a pair of heels.. and also filled up a laundry basket of misc items-- cleaned out a small bag of trash and threw that away..

    I took pictures of everything that I am wanting to sell and listed 75 items on the Facebook buy sell trade board this morning-- no bites yet.. I still have about 20-30 items and some dvds and cds to relist, which I will do later this evening.. Hoping to sell some of those items by this coming Saturday, but if not, they will all be going into my garage sale on Saturday..

    After my garage sale, I will take out what I think is still worthy of trying to sell and the rest will go to Goodwill.. I will continue to try and sell the last remaining items and at some point if they dont sell, I will just either hand them down to someone who might want them or will relinquish them to Goodwill- but Whew! I'll be glad that this is all I have left to do!!

    My youngest has already gone thru all of her items and I have them ready for the garage sale.. The only room in the house not done is my oldest daughters, and I will leave her alone as that is her stuff and she will most likely be moving out soon in the future.. so I can deal with 1 room not done..

    I did make $9 a few days ago on a few of my items and I have 4 items pending pickup for another $19 -- all of course, going towards my Disney trip next month.. So far in the last 2-3 weeks, I have made a total of... drumroll please... $ 484-- I did buy a shoerack for $5 and I found a fellow FBer selling a brand new pair of Vans that were my daughters size with tags still on for $8, a big monkey for $2 and a full bottle of Victoria Secret Pink for $3-- so my total made is $466-- not too shabby!!

    Its nice to make a little money back on the stuff Im getting rid of, but Im really just happy to be cleaning it out!:banana:
  12. eacosper

    eacosper New Member

    I would LOVE to have a yard sale but I live in a neighborhood where they are not allowed. :confused3 I have all this junk that is not selling at all on Amazon or ebay or craigslist. I'd like to get some $$ from it but it's looking like I'll just have to donate it to get rid of it. :worried:
  13. dreamin_disney

    dreamin_disney New Member

    Your doing amazing! I wish i had some of your energy-lol! I just went back to work so things have slowed down.
    I've had some stuff listed and no one bought, then 3 months later I sold a bunch of stuff in one weekend. dont give up
  14. dismom9761

    dismom9761 New Member

    Sounds like it has been a busy weekend! Today I cleaned out a hall closet and got rid of a big bag of trash an got it organized. Frustrating to find school supplies in there that I just bought this past week.

    I also started on mine and DH's room Between the closet and my stuff I filled one trash bag of trash. I also filled four garbage bags of clothes to donate/ consign. I am also taking 4 bags of outgrown kids clothes to a friend I still have to tackle DH's side and it's bad. He has lost 60 lbs now but still won't let go of stuff.

    Tomorrow will be the boys' rooms. They have grown so much most of the clothes in their rooms need to go. I want to get as much done as I can before Thursday when school/ softball/and football hit high gear
  15. Forever a Princess

    Forever a Princess One bottle of ketchup is not enough!

    I hear ya. Part of the stash in my spare bedroom is my Disney stuffed animal collection. I couldn't part with any of my Disney plush but I was able to part with a lot of my non Disney plush.

    Every little bit counts. Keep going!!:cool1:
  16. Forever a Princess

    Forever a Princess One bottle of ketchup is not enough!

    Thank You all for your inspiration!!

    I continue to make progress. It's been a busy week. There was a lot of stuff in the spare bedroom that belonged in other places (like closets) in the house.

    When I went to put the stuff away I noticed that I had some major cleaning to do in our closets and laundry room.

    Cleaning is like a domino effect. It order to clean one space you then need to clean another. :)

    I did so much cleaning in our laundry room. We cleared out some old laptops. (I know, I know how did they manage to get into the laundry room?!?! :lmao:). I also cleared out and threw away some old work clothes (not fit for donation).

    I also managed to pull a lot of stuff out of our closets. We dropped off another load to the Goodwill and to our storage place this weekend.

    I'm currently working on DH's closet. It's a work in process currently.

    In the upcoming week I may get to labeling of our storage containers. Part of the cleaning process was to organize and place a lot of stuff into plastic storage containers or storage drawers.

    If I label stuff then I'll know what it is and hopefully won't go out and buy duplicates of stuff. :cool1:

    Thanks again for all your inspiration. Keep up the great work everyone. Tackling one small area at a time makes a big difference!!
  17. Ephany

    Ephany New Member

    Can't believe it's August already, this year is zooming by! We cleaned out the hall closet and can now actually use it for a linen closet again rather than just dumping lots of random stuff on the shelves. I convinced DH to finally throw out some old light fixtures that we'll never ever use (each fixture takes 3 bulbs and they're $16 each :scared1:); he was saving them for a rainy day. Another huge bag of shred done, although that feels like a never ending battle. I also went through my school supply stash and touched everything. It now fits easily in one box and I know what's in there so I'm less likely to buy something that we already own.

    I've got a huge stack of jr. board games for the younger set that DD's outgrown. Gonna ask DD's 1st grade teacher or the after school program if they're interested before I donate them. We're still slowly adding to the Goodwill pile, although I think I need to do another closet purge. We also cleaned off the bookshelves in the living room that seem to collect everything but books and put everything back where it actually belongs.

    Lastly we found a filing system that someone here had recommended and actually bought it instead of just talking about it. We've been collecting all the random important papers in one place and our next big project is to put the system together (and use it). :banana: We're getting there slowly but surely. I keep reminding myself that we didn't accumulate all this stuff in one day or week so it'll take time to purge it all.
  18. bettyann29

    bettyann29 <font color=blue>Heres my contribution for today..

    sounds like things are coming along for alot of us..

    I only had time to list my stuff for sale on one of the sites and have 3 more.. hoping to do those this evening.. I did list on one the other day and I sold $32 worth of items today for a total of 10 items.. so thats 10 more gone and a few dollars to go towards my disney trip next month!! :banana: Im holding 4 of my snowmen for someone to pickup next week so thats another $16 when she picks them up!

    Hoping to get rid of some of these things between the listings and my garage sale on Saturday..

    Good luck to everyone with their destashing this week!
  19. lillygator

    lillygator <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I began on my girls room last night, and got rid of two LARGE black yard bags worth of stuff. They are at their grandmas until tomorrow night, so hopefully I can get it done.
    I have a ton of gymboree nwt, disney customs and costumes that I am going to get listed this week....hope to make some $$ off them.....then I am moving to the kitchen!!!

    anyone have any suggestions on what to keep kids artwork, and papers in?
  20. Ephany

    Ephany New Member

    DD has one banker's type box from IKEA (it was pretty and cheap). She gets to put anything artwork or schoolwork related in there she wants, however she only gets one box. She's taking to photographing the items she's willing to discard so she can still look at them on the computer. Last time I heard her mumbling about creating a slideshow with music as a screensaver so she can still enjoy the pictures, but not have all the clutter. I'm not sure where I read or heard about this tip, but it's been amazingly helpful in convincing her to let stuff go.
  21. beaucoup

    beaucoup New Member

    I haven't been able to do much for a few weeks, but I keep visiting this thread. Keep up the great work. Every little bit helps.

    Life has gotten in the way lately. Can't wait for things to settle back down. And I just can't seem to get DH on board to help. He is still just months back from deployment. He is super busy at work with preparing for a move of office. He hasn't had any weekends off. So when he comes home, he is in no mood to do anything really, which is understandable.

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