Your Call Will Be Answered In The Order It Was Received...Yeah, Right!


Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2000
This may have been posted before but I know I've seen a number of posts dealing with "never hangup and redail as the calls are answered in the order they were received".

Anyway, I'm in the middle of trying to get Cinderella reservations and this morning I tried two phones redailing one after the other. On my Phone 2 I got through first but was disconnected (very annoying), I immediately got through on Phone 1 and was put on hold. About 10 seconds later, I went ahead and dialed again on Phone 2.

So, for you people scoring at home...that's Phone 1 on hold first and Phone 2 on hold about 10 to 15 seconds after Phone 1.

O.K., back to the action! I have both phones to my ears (luckily I was given two of them...ears that is, not phones) and after about 2 minutes which phone do you think I hear from first?

Well, if you just said "Phone 1", I think you have to ask yourself why you're talking to a computer. Seriously, Phone 2 chimes in with the real voice! Go figure!

So what's the moral of this Disney story (as all good Disney stories have one)?

Other than only people with three ears get Cinderella reservations, I would have to go with don't assume that just because you called in first that your call will be answered first.

PS - Oh, for you that have played the Cinderella reservation game before I'm sure you know what you get when you've been put on hold for 2 minutes...


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Sep 9, 1999
All I got was a huge phone bill. Even though the phone bill shows the call starting at 6:59 and lasting 10 minutes, I didn't get a breakfast ps.


So whats the sitch?
Aug 18, 1999
So two months from now, I should have DH with both cell phones and me on the regular phone?

Hmm, my in laws live around the block, maybe we should use their phone too...;)

How sad is it that we go through all this? I just hope that DD appreciates all of this. She'll probably nver even realize.

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
Love your post! But in all seriousness, you are soooo right! We always have 4 phones going on in the same room for Cindys, my husband uses his cell phone and my cell phone, one for each ear and I use our home phone and I hook our fax line up to a phone and use that.

The phone that actually gets put on hold first (does not get the we are closed message) is never the one that actually gets answered by a really person first. Also, we have noticed that sometimes one of the 3 phones plays different hold music.


Jan 20, 2001
Okay, I have been watching this topic for over a year now, and I am dying to ask:

Is the Cindy's breakfast REALLY worth all this effort ? I find it hard to believe (but then again I don't have kids, so I am definitely out of the loop)

Dad of 5

Isn't this what money is for?
Sep 21, 2001
It was nice. Food was good. Atmosphere (the actual building/dining hall) was beautiful. Service was fast, and so were the princesses!

I snagged a CRT booking a couple of days after the magical 120-day mark, just on a whim. Got an 8:00am time - primo!

With 5 kids in tow (the last two being 3.5 and 2), it didn't turn out to be exactly a relaxing breakfast. :rolleyes:

I don't know that I'd do this "eighteen phones on hold" routine, though.


Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2000
Terry S: I did notice that the music was different on my two phones! I thought that very strange, too. I'm telling you there's a 60 Minutes or 20/20 story to be done here. Where's Geraldo when you need him!

PennConn: There's not a right answer to your question. For me, I actually enjoy the hunt (of course, I wouldn't if I lived on the West Coast). If I get a reservation, then I also enjoy the anticipation of my kids and being able to make it a special deal (hype). In this context, there is no possible way that the actual meal is as good as the journey we took to get to the castle. I'm sure that didn't answer your question - sorry.


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Jun 24, 2000
I took my grandma there for her 83rd birthday. It truly was a magical morning. We had 8:55 ps so we were able to get into the park before the crowds. Pictures of us on an empty mainstreet with the castle behind us.....PRICELESS. As we approached the castle, guess who comes strolling down towards us? Mickey!! Pictures with Mickey in the castle courtyard without a soul around us.....PRICELESS. Then we get to the actual breakfast. My grandma could not get enough of it. They certainly treated her like royalty for her birthday. We did not have kids with us, but the children around us were positively glowing. It really melted your heart. The princesses took their time at each and every table, even the ones with adults. There was a couple on their honeymoon getting some wonderful treatment from everyone. The morning was simply magic. Keep trying to get that PS!! It's been over a month and my grandma still talks about this morning to EVERYONE who will listen. It's a memory that will last a lifetime.:D


Earning My Ears
Aug 9, 2002
I must be very lucky because I have managed to get CRT PS everytime we go to WDW. I start calling 5 minutes before 6 (Central Time). It may not happen the first morning I call but usually by the third morning. It is very disappointing when the clock is one minute after 7 (EST) and you are told they have no PS.


Aug 7, 2000
Great post...and very true! We called on our phone and my mother called on her phone too(dont know who actually called first). Then we decided to call on our cell phone. Lo and behold, about 5 minutes later the cell phone picked up. As we then hung up the regular phone, my mother called in on that phone to say she got it for 8:25...meanwhile DH was booking it for 9:00(something). This ws on our 4th day of trying. :rolleyes:


<font color=990066>Yankee Girl in a Southern Belle
Mar 18, 2001
Originally posted by PennConn
Is the Cindy's breakfast REALLY worth all this effort ?


But neither are a lot of the other things we do for our children :rolleyes:


Earning My Ears
Aug 6, 2002
I just have to post a reply to this!! I also have used my cell phones to get through. The night before, I have all three cell phones lined up and charged, the credit card out, calender and my small speech are all ready for the morning run. I start dialing on my home phone at 5:57 and then I hit the cell phones about 20-30secs apart and just keep going until I hear a voice!! One time I called and the cm through my speech off by first asking me my name and zip code, they are not suppose to do that! Anyways I kept my cool answered her questions and then I gave her my speech!! When you finally get through and get your ressies it sure is exciting!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I just had to share this, my husband does not have the same enthusiasm as I when it comes to all this disney stuff and it feels good to share it with people who really understand!!:):!!

Jen D

DIS Veteran
Mar 16, 2001
I agree, the hunt is part of it. Last year I mentioned to my daughter (not yet four) that we'd try to eat with Cinderella. She seemed interested but didn't seem to be staking her life on it. Anyway, I finally got it after five days of trying (well some days trying, some days sleeping through the alarm.) The first day I didn't get it was the day I really wanted it for. I was on hold-- I had slept a little late-- and hadn't called until 7:05-- so of course, the cm eventually came on 15 minutes later and said it was sold out. I hung up and started sniffling and went to bed. My husband groggily said, "what's wrong?" "I didn't get the breakfast. I can't believe it!" I said, fighting tears. Boy, I must have been cranky and sleep deprived. Later I wondered what the heck
I'd been so sad about. Cripes, we'll go to Chef Mickey's. Big deal!

Of course, when I finally got it I burst onto the DIS and started a thread entitled "I got it!!" forgetting there was supposed to be a moratorium on any Cindy's threads like this!

It's kind of a fun thing to get caught up in. The breakfast itself is fine. We had a good time. It didn't light the world on fire. :D I'll probably do the whole thing again next time. ;)


The One True Duck
Jul 16, 2001
Im pretty sure Disney uses more than one call center. Chances are your first phone was at one call center and your second phone was routed to another. The 2nd call center probably had a shorter queue of calls and therefore was answered first.



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Jul 8, 2001
I'm not interested in going to this breakfast but I was wondering something. If you make your hotel reservations with Dreams Unlimited, they also make PS's for you. Do they help with this particular breakfast too?
One of the main reasons I started using DU (and I think they are fantastic) is because of all the long distance calls I always made to Disney when planning a trip.

Happy Disney Days to everyone!


DIS Veteran
Aug 21, 1999
I have to agree with HookdonWDW.......
IMHO ... NO the CRT breakfast isn't worth it. My DD (8yo at the time) did not like the food. And Peter Pan was the only one that acted excited to be there!!
But we do it for our kids right!!!

AND......NOW.....there is the alternative princess breakfast at Epcot!!! :)
We had no trouble getting PS for that and the time we wanted! AND you don't have to wait for the 60 day thing!!:)

So try out the new princess breakfast !!! :)

Chance's Mom

WL Vet
Apr 28, 2002
LOL--my DH may want to attend the breakfast if he hears about this!:smooth: It's nice to know someone else was thinking the same thing I was.


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Jul 14, 2002
We ended up getting the res on the last day we were there! It was nice my BF really LOVED the food- he would go back just for that (this time I'll give him all 4 phones at 7am on a Saturday :D ) I don't think we'll go back again this year-- maybe when we have kids to share it with. One thing: we were so excited that we got a table with a view at the window it was so special- but then some of our pics didnt come out because of the sunlight in the background :( well- its ok we'll do it again some day- but for now we stick with our ritual on first day at MK breakfast at the Crystal Palace-- its our favorite- & as soon as we get there it all sinks in-- WE'RE HERE!! Have fun!!


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