YoaMD vs. Noraml CM's and Characters?

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  1. leoky

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    Nov 24, 2006
    I have been reading the threads in this site for hours each night as I get geared up and ready to do WDW starting Friday! I am simply amazed at the things CM's do for the guests. I've read of simple, small things like a security guard going to great lengths to help a family find a lost item containing their room cards, drivers license, and more. And I've watched the video on Disney's site about the family that won a MK visit where the park was theirs, all to themselves! (The part of the video that all the characters run out to greet them is amazing!) I've read of families getting passes for instant rides to major attractions. And of a simple gesture of a character that makes a child remember the moment forever.

    My question is....is this normal?

    I was last at WDW in the mid 80's as a child, so I have no recollection of how CM's and characters interacted with the guests. I know part of the actions/reactions I've read are actually part of YoaMD, but otherwise, is it always like this at WDW?

    It would be nice to have a wish granted, but I'm not planning for it to happen. I would hate to think that possibly there are people that read the great things that happen to members of this board, then take a trip and expect all of these wonderful, magical things should happen to them. All I really expect is to get what I pay for, and any little thing above and beyond that will just be a nice way of remembering the Disney Magic. I would probably enjoy a few small "magical moments" spread out during our stay more than getting a "big wish" granted. (Yes, I do believe that sometimes it's the small things that matter the most!)

    I'm sure there will be plenty of magic in this trip, as our children are 3 and 2, and they were very hyped just looking at the pictures of some of the sights at WDW. I can only imagine what their little faces will look like when we are actually there! My daughter(3) is obsessed with the possibility of meeting Cinderella and my son's(2) favorite things are "big". If it's big, he likes it.

    So, without considering YoaMD, are the CM's always so outgoing, and the characters so interactive with guests/children?
  2. MinnieMommy

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    Jan 23, 2005
    In my opinion, the most magical things are the ones that catch you completely by surprise.

    In 2001 we were having a quick bite to eat in China at WS and my dd (then 2.5) slipped off her chair (not hurt). A few minutes later, a CM working there clearing tables etc. came over and gave her a flower she made using straws! My daughter loved it! To me, that was magic.

    We've had some great interaction on all of our trips. We seemed to take a little more "down" time in 2005. Sometimes just strolling around shops or sitting on a bench or even standing in line early for a parade you end up having some great conversations with Cast Members. To me, this interaction is always magical. It's also fun to see the Cast Member name tags and see where they are from.

    In 2005 we were waiting for the Stars and Motor Cars parade. We decide to get a snack and wait early for a little break. A CM that we were talking to, Maria (I will NEVER forget her!) asked DD and DS if they would like to be Princess and Prince of the parade! They got to help hold the final rope at the end of the parade and walk the entire parade route as part of the parade! They were given Magical Moment certificates that said Prince and Princess of the Parade.
  3. shellytc

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    Dec 14, 2006
    It is amazing and surprising, but the magical moments happen all the time. Be open to them, smile, enjoy yourself and your kids... and you'll see them happening. from just the expression on your kids faces at seeing the "castle, mickey, whatever" to grand moments.

    I'll share 2 of my favorites. At 3 we were at The restaurant at the Land in Epcot for a Mickey character dinner. After meeting Mickey at our table and coloring with him, Mickey had to move on. As he left, our son stood on the booth seat, turned to where Mickey was leaving and yelled out "Mickey your the king". It was a magical moment for him.

    The next year, we went to AK. I was the trip planner and had made a mistake. I got us to AK an hour and half before opening, instead of a 1/2 hour early. OOOOPPPSSS. Well we played around, and got in line. Our now 4 year old was dancing around, when 2 cm's spotted him and asked him for his mommy. I was watching the whole thing and thought I was in trouble. when they came up to me they asked if he could open AK for them, and help MIckey and Minnie wake up the animals. What an awesome moment when he came walking around down the walkway with Mickey and Minnie. We got a picture with the characters and special time with them. And a certificate that is a prized possession for him and taken to school every year that they do a "me" board!!

    Have fun and find your magical moments.

  4. lyzziesmom

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    May 15, 2006
    The magic is always there. In September I was on a family trip with my two DDs and my parents. We were at MGM and I had been having a rough day already: coffee spilled on my white tshirt and couldn't find a new one that fit right. In the waiting area for Muppets 3D, I was holding my DD2 and suddenly felt warm & wet on my side. That's right... she peed on me. So I took her out to the gift shop, got us both new outfits, and headed to the nearest restroom, which was inside Pizza Planet. I decided to get us lunch while we waited for the rest of the family to finish watching the Muppets 3D. It wasn't until I got the food that I realized there was no way I could juggle two trays of pizza, two drinks and a very rambunctious toddler by myself in a crowded, noisy arcade restaurant. A very nice CM not only helped me carry our food to a table and brought us a high chair, but several minutes later, after my parents and other DD joined us, the same CM came back and dropped an armload of Mickey head rice crispy treats on the table, along with a Magical Moments certificate! It made our day.

    This was not during the YOAMD celebration, it was just an example of something they do to brighten guests' days while at WDW.
  5. BroganMc

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    Feb 12, 2005
    I seem to encounter one magical moment per trip and I go twice a year.

    One year, my 3 yr old niece was desperate to meet a princess (her mom couldn't get any castle ressies). I stumbled onto Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella in Toon Town. While I was waiting in line and frantically trying to talk my brother through the park to my location, the CM's heard me on the cell phone and intervened. My niece got a private audience with the princesses and an escort through the back entrance. The CM's actually pulled my brother off the train to escort them in time.

    Another time, my dad and I were chosen for a magical moment out of Star Tours when we posed for light sabre duel photos.

    And this last trip, the CMs grabbed me and another friend for a back stage escort to the princesses.

    So yeah Cast Members tend to do little magical things throughout. If you're having a particularly bad day, they tend to produce that magic even more. No one should have a bad day in Disney World. It seems to be an unwritten law there.

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