Yet another golf cart question: Single Seat vs. Double Seat


Aug 11, 2000
I checked out the website for Golf Cart Enterprises (thanks for the tip Rhonda)and noticed they had Single Seat and Double Seat Carts. I'm not a golf cart buff - does "double" mean two rows of seats? If you have a double, do you get a basket in the back? We will have 4 people (me, DH, DS 2 years, DS 5 years) and a fold-up stroller (NOT umbrella style). Does anyone know how the carts from Golf Cart Enterprises compare size-wise to the FW carts? I currently have one reserved at FW for only part of our stay, but I am considering getting one for the whole 6 days from GCE.
both are nearly identical, the only difference I noted was that the oncs from Golf Cart enterprises had a smaller top.

A double seater has the forward facing seat for the driver and passenger and another rear facing seat in the back.

I have never rented from Gold cart enterprises YET. But have seen there units in the campground

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