Wow... These pins look nice...


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Dec 24, 1999
I was just reading about the Princess Event. I had seen the scetches of the pins a while back but I just saw the real things... They look great.

Take a peek...
I am not a big princess collector but could make an exception for these - very nice.
That is what I thought Lisa... I do like them.

They are realy nice looking pins. I am so glad I do not collect princesses because my pockets will not be able to afford what those things will go for on ebay. But I do collect WDW Artist Choice pins, so the Evil Queen artist choice pin will be entering my collection. I just hope the prices stay moderate. There are a lot of villain and princess collectors out there.
Well I'm sure we all know I NEED the Queen. Artist choice and a Villain!!! This pin was practically made for my collection!
Hey Dom, how's it going? I meet you at the meet at the West Farms Mall last month.

I have a question, are these pins only available at MK? And are they sold in any of the stores at MK or just a certain location with the Princess Ball?

These are "Event" pins. They will only be sold to those people who are at the event (separate ticket) at WDW MK on 2/23/02.

Other examples of event pins are convention pins (e.g. Jail Scene), the August 2001 EPCOT pin 4 day event, DL Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare Before Christmas event last November, Star Wars Weekends, EPCOT Flower and Garden show, etc.


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