WL - Do We Need our Own Car?



We've read a lot about the slow transportation to/from WL. We will be there in late November/early December. Should we rent a car or rely on the bus? Thanks!:confused:
... the transportation to/from WL is fine. We stayed there in Feb. and had no transportation problems at all. The only time we had to wait was if we just missed a bus, and even then the wait wasn't very long. We did have a rental because we go off-site to eat and DD and I went to one of the outlets to do a little shopping :pinkbounc , but we relied totally on Disney's transportation system otherwise. I need to emphasize that WE were happy, I've read other threads that were very negative.
We have stayed at WL twice. The first time was April 1997, for 5 days. At that time I had read a lot of complaints about the transportation, so we rented a car. WE NEVER USED IT! (Except to drive to and from the airport.) The second time was May 2000, for two weeks. This time we rented a car for only a few days during the trip (picked up and dropped off from the Car Care Center on Disney property). We only did this because we went to Universal for two days and because we were going to Victoria and Albert's one night and didn't want to ride the bus in our "finery." If it hadn't been for the Universal days, we would have skipped the rental car and taken a cab to V&As. The rest of the two weeks we took Disney transportation. No problems at all. I don't think we ever waited more than 20 minutes for a bus, and that was when we had just missed the previous bus.

Personally, I think the Disney transportation system works amazingly well, and it's incredibly relaxing not to drive on vacation!
Thanks for the reassurance regarding transportation to/from WL. I don't think we'll need a rental car afterall!:pinkbounc

Agree with the others that have posted so far. In my opinion the transportation at WL is great. Like everyone else, before we left we too had read a number of crushing reviews regarding the inefficiency and difficulty of getting around from WL.

Maybe we just lucked out but we had no problems whatsoever. Never waited longer than 10 minutes for bus, boat or monorail anywhere on-site. We actually came away very impressed with the ease of getting around. Though it would've been hard not to when we went in half expecting it to be a nightmare.

If we had rented a car it never would've left the WL lot.
:) 'WL transportation is terrible' belongs in the Disney Rumors board because that is what it is. Someone posted this a long time ago and it has stuck around. You'll do fine w/o a car. We especially liked the boat trips to the MK! Have fun.
We used tiffany towncar when we went to universal. Cost was $60 round trip. They take you and pick you up in a Lincoln Continental. Cost of a rental car is at least $30 and when you fill the gas tank and have to drive in the crazy traffic, you are not gaining a thing with a rental car. I like to sit back and enjoy the scenery.:pinkbounc :bounce: :mad: :jester: :pinkbounc

:pinkbounc :bounce:


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