Why Do The Disney People Hate Us?

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Timmy Boy, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Choose Thy Fate

    Nov 23, 2002
    I found this on another board and it makes me think. It talks about people's visits to WDW.

    "My sister and her family are headed home from Disney in the morning, after a week of fun. When I talked to her yesterday she and her DH were a little mad about some of the rides being down during the week. They were at AK and EE was down as well as Dinosaur ride. Earlier they had a problem at MK with BTMRR being down and the audio was not working on Splash Mtn. She also said that there was some kind of problem at Soarin too. What's going on? Are they cutting back on the repair guys?

    She also said that it was very crowded. She said that they have had a great time, but it kind of made them mad about all of the break downs."

    Everything broke down, and it was crowded, yet they had a great time? If this were to happen at IOA (in fact, it could be even less, such as Hulk being down for 5 minutes while they add a train) the people would go crazy and call it the worst park in the world. Why do they do this? :confused3
  2. jenny105

    jenny105 DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2008
    I don't get it either. I love Disney but some people act like US/IOA are evil. And some have the mentality of 'If you like Disney, you can't possibly like those other parks' Why can't you enjoy both?? :confused3
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  4. Metro West

    Metro West Nothing to see here...move along.

    Apr 12, 2005
    I don't know Tim...it's a never ending saga. Some people think Disney can do no wrong and will forever be in love with the Mouse. These are people who don't live here and probably don't know anyone who works for Disney. If they lived here or knew people who worked there, they would see Disney isn't all it's cracked up to be. I think too that so many Disneyphiles hide behind the majority here because they know they will be defended should someone try to flame them. Both resorts have lots to offer but they seem to ignore the papers when dealing with accidents and injuries and the number of incidents at WDW as opposed to Universal...but who really knows.
  5. hack2112

    hack2112 Guilty!

    Dec 31, 2006
    The answer is plain and simple. Disney does an amazing job brainwashing the populace. Now this sounds very harsh, and it is, but when there are people who won't leave the WDW Resort, there really is no other explanation.

    And no, I don't mean the evil villian brainwashing, just the years of propaganda type.
  6. DeblovesPoohbear

    DeblovesPoohbear Disney Dreamin

    May 21, 2008
    Metro, I have a friend that lives in Orlando and did work for Disney before and she says the same thing, she can't stand them now :lmao:

    I love them both, and personally, let them stay away, more from for us to run wild in US/IOA :goodvibes
  7. AllieKat

    AllieKat <font color="lightblue">"Cat's aren't clean, they'

    Jan 23, 2004
    Disney people hate us cause we're awesome and we have more fun. You know, that whole jealousy thing. :cool1:

    Just kidding, I love both Universal and Disney. I've never quite understood the Universal hate that I seem to see/read/hear so often. To each their own. :)
  8. Seewhatimesdone

    Seewhatimesdone <font color=green>Every thread should have a <marq

    Sep 23, 2007
    Uhh I love both. Is that a problem? :rotfl:
  9. donaldduck352

    donaldduck352 <font color=red><marquee>Proud Redhead</marquee><b

    Mar 16, 2008

    No not at all.(sorry my homies)Epcot has always been my fav park..

    But the only downfall is that DW has not kept up with the times (they still got Ellen,she was doing this 7yrs ago)!!

    Now with USO they switch it up.They are coming out with a rollercoaster next year at US and HP in 2010!!!

    The theming at DW has remained the same since I was a kid..
    With IOA there is so much eye candy that everytime I go I see something diff..

    The debate will never end cause evryone was raised on Disney!!
    Universal(if peeps would go with a open mind)would find a wonderful-laid back pace to take in the sites,sounds and atmosphere that DW has never offered...IMO
  10. damo

    damo Proud Redhead

    Jan 1, 2001
    If you're going to spend that much money year after year after year, you'd better think it is the best thing ever!!!
  11. rebecca06261

    rebecca06261 DIS Pirate Wench

    Aug 23, 2007
    I have a couple of Disney snob friends and I can tell you exactly what they're thinking:

    Disneyphiles remind me of the holier than thou crowd at the after-church picnic. You know the types... the do-gooders who don't drink, don't swear, and certainly don't venture to us/ioa ;)

    They see a distinct class difference between the guests of the two parks and refer to the wdw guests as "family" and us/ioa as the "dreaded inlaws." While I've always stated that I can see a difference in the types of people that prefer one park over another, I prefer it that way, personally.
  12. donaldduck352

    donaldduck352 <font color=red><marquee>Proud Redhead</marquee><b

    Mar 16, 2008
    ::yes:: ::yes:: Very well put!!Once your there there is no leaving..
    Incgonito said it best.Once your in they lock the gates!!!!!

    I spelled it wrong I know
  13. EPRV We love Disney

    EPRV We love Disney I had a Golden Ticket!

    Mar 4, 2007
    We're a family who believed that the ultimate family trip would be the "perfect" Disney trip. Visiting all the parks, our perfectly mannered children would skip ahead, holding hands and laughing while sparrows flew about their heads.

    Well, needless to say, our vacation (11/06) was not perfect. And while nothing is, I chose to plan our next trip to a place that would offer at least the opportunity to relax. So, we'll be trying US/IOA in a little more than a year.

    I for one, cannot wait. The park offerings sound fabulous, the hotels seem awesome and the very IDEA of FOTL, utterly scrumptious.

    We do love Disney - BUT we're choosing US/IOA (and RPR!).

  14. the Dark Marauder

    the Dark Marauder <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    Sep 14, 2002
    You will enjoy the RPR. I'd go back there again. But the HRH is my next onsite goal.
  15. ADP

    ADP <marquee><font color=red>I'm a huggin' fool</marqu

    Sep 2, 2006
    Well, we love both. EPCOT is our favorite park, but we've been visiting UO since 1997 and IOA since 1999. In fact we were there the very first week it opened. IOA is an amazing park. The amount of detail that went into that park still amazes me today. IOA has the best attraction I've ever experinced in any park and I've visited quite a few living in the midwest. Spiderman Rocks!

    All I can say is we love choice. We love the fact we can choose between Disney, Universal and Sea World; plus all of the other parks. I can't imagine anyone would complain over having choice. In the end, it's the customer (us) who wins. Competition helps keep prices in check and attractions fresh.

    We are extremely happy Universal is in Orlando and that we can visit periodically from Indiana and experience everything they have to offer. It's great to have both! :) In fact, we are visitng Universal next week for 5 days after spending 2 days at Disney World. We are really looking forward to it.
  16. Tinker-tude

    Tinker-tude <font color=red>Proud Redhead!<br><font color=peac

    Dec 13, 2006
    I don't think there's one simple answer that fits every UO/IoA hater. We used to be so in love with Disney that we just couldn't pull ourselves away long enough to go to Universal. We'd wanted to check it out, but it never fit the time available or the budget to do both places. Then we had a horrible vacation at Disney and decided to do five days at UO the next year. We fell in love and haven't wanted to go back to Disney yet. We still really love Disney, it just seems they will squeeze every last penny out of you for as little return as possible. But I digress....

    Here are a few patterns that I seem to pick up on from the UO/IoA haters.

    1. Adament Disney Lovers is a club. Not an official one, but a club nonetheless. You can only be seen as a true blue Adament Disney Lover (ADL) if your love ONLY encompasses Disney. Their loyalty is rabid and a little frightening. You can only maintain membership by repeatedly proving to all of the other ADLs that your loyalty to Disney is as deep as theirs. These ADLs have missed the Disney message that there is beauty and goodness in many things and many places, as well as the Disney message, "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all".

    2. "Disney is just more magical." As Tricia has said (and a few others), magic is something within you. Kudos to Disney marketing for steeping, soaking, surrounding, and pounding us with Disney culture. There are many more Disney commercials on t.v. than there are Universal commercisls, by a long shot. And they ALL mention Disney Magic several times. Plus all the merchandise available to put in every room of your home. It gives people the impression that Disney and Magic are one and the same, and they simply don't/cannot exist anywhere in seperate spheres.

    We had a wonderfully magical trip to UO/IoA because we prepared for it. We watched the movies they showcase, listened to the soundtracks, read comics, checked out books about dinosaurs and mythology, read Seuss books, and a number of other things. It was pure magic for us, with nothing Disney thrown in. We loved all the details, the planning that obviously went on out of sight, the theming, the TMs, the food, and everything about it.

    3. "I want to look wealthier than I am." These are the people who talk about UO guests being trashy and scary, uneducated, and low-class. It cracked me up when fans of both parks were posting pictures of families at both parks. THEY LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were more groups of young adults and teenagers at IoA, but they looked like tourists, not gang members that some Disneyphiles claim to see in abundance. These people always talk about UO being cheaper, and how Disney is well worth every penny to keep away from the thugs and rif-raff crawling all over Universal. Paleeze....

    I still love many things about Disney, but for us, they are the "other" park now. We may venture back some year, but we're just having too much fun discovering all the details at UO/IoA to bother yet. Can't wait for January and HHN 2009!

  17. keishashadow

    keishashadow Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!

    Dec 30, 2004
    imo, depends on ur mindset, if u truly luv amusement parks u can find something good in all of them, ranging from local parks to the big boys in MCO
    channeling adam ant;)

    With the heartbreak open
    So much you can't hide
    Put on a little makeup makeup
    Make sure they get your good side good side

    Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
    Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
    Subtle innuendos follow
    There must be something inside

    We don't follow fashion
    That would be a joke
    You know we're going to set them set them
    So everyone can take note take note

    No one's gonna tell me
    What's wrong or what's right
    Or tell me who to eat with sleep with
    Or that I've won the big fight big fight

  18. inkkognito

    inkkognito <font color=green>I shall call him Mini-Me<br><fon

    Nov 22, 1999
    Once upon a time, a long long time ago, WDW really did embrace top-notch quality. When I married DH, who was used to Six Flags-style parks, he didn't get it till I dragged him to WDW for the very first time. But over time we watched the quality decline...the "show" gets worse even time we visit. The parks are dirty, the bathrooms are filthy, and there are plenty of rude people jumping lines, running others over etc. That's a big reason why we started taking so many Disney cruises...the cruise line has still retained the quality (at least for the most part).

    For the people who defend WDW to the death, it's almost like that Shakespeare quote that they "doth protest too much." WDW could be burning to the ground around them and they'd still claim it was the best. They're afraid to look at USF/IOA with objective eyes because that would force them to face the truth, that they're pretty darned cool parks.

    When we first went to USF and IOA, we were awed by the theming and loved the rides. Mind you, I live next door to WDW and adore Soarin', but other than that USF/IOA rides and shows whip WDW's butt. I'll take MiB over Toy Story Mania any day, Hulk is the ultimate coaster (Rockin' ain't even close and Everest is more of a "scenic ride...Mummy is much superior), and Terminator is so much better than any 3-D romp at Disney. That's not to say that I don't enjoy Disney rides, but the last really innovative thing they did was Turtle Talk. Even my beloved Soarin' is just a fancy Imax/motion simulator hybrid. WDW doesn't even have anything on the level of Spidey!

    I love both WDW and USF/IOA for different reasons and I visit both regularly. Even tho' I was indoctrinated with movies, books, and the Wonderful World of Disney, somehow the programming didn't completely "take" and I'm glad it didn't...it allows me to actually enjoy both.
  19. macraven

    macraven Proud Redhead Moderator

    Apr 21, 2003
    i do both parks on each yearly visit.
    i start with the motherland and then switch to the darkside.
    stay on site at both places.

    i enjoy both of them for different reasons or i wouldn't be doing my vacations this way since 1992.

    i did get bored at disney on my recent trip. this year i skipped many of the rides as the thrill was gone for them. maybe someday the script for the jungle cruise will change. transportation by their bus system is not the best way to get around at that park, very time consuming.

    Planning is necessary in advance for dining options, shows, etc.
    there are certain shows and park rides that i do enjoy at disney and i hit them all. when they have a good ride, i do repeats on them. there are rides and shows that keep my interest and i look forward to each year.
    the food and wine event lures me to epcot each time when i go in the fall.

    at universal, my thoughts are the same as yours.
    the parks there are set up where you don't have to waste time walking to get to one great ride to another. both parks are close enough together to avoid the need of busses to get to them. city walk is a plus as it is so close to the theme parks.
    i find more variety of meals at universal than disney.
    my last trip there, i never had a hamburger in the parks.

    the themes for each section in the islands at ioa are unique. all originals and no way could be compared to other parks. you can go from one section, have a change of colors, scenery and music and go to the next area for a complete change. most of the time, guests don't notice that. music is different in each section.
    the hard ticket events are the greatest imo at universal. HHN draws me there each fall. it changes theme each year. it entertains me to the fullest each year. mnsshp at disney is always the same. no changes, even their parades are predictable from the years past.

    i find more changing around at universal. of course my heart broke when ghostbusters and king kong left, but their replacements i have grown to adore. universal does update and add on/or replace some of the movie themed rides they have.
    i'm not a parry hotter fan at all..........can't stand the books or movies of it but, am looking forward to new rides/attractions that will come to universal for that new island area. whatever universal does, they do it up right. they have a marvelous creative team that brings mummy dust to the guests.

    just think of all the disney fans that will be coming to see parry hotter when it opens.......i'm sure they will write about how impressed they were with it but you know the "but.............." will be included in their trippies.

    i don't compare the parks to where i won't do just one of them.
    i prefer universal hands down but i stay open to spend time at disney. i've had ap's for both parks at different times.

    i doubt that very many disney fans know that many TM's also work as a CM.
    when the talk starts up about employees at different parks, i try to post to let them know they are off base on that.

    my experience is the TM's and UO's guest services do more for guests than the other park. they are more flexible in working with you in order to have a trip that will be remembered and keep coming back in the future.
    disney will lure you in with the advertising and the speil on the phone with you but it sometimes falls short once you are there.

    i feel if you are at a park and there is an issue, talk to the people in charge there. don't come to a message board and complain and rant. do something about it when it happens.

    when we read negative comments about a trip to universal, it could have been corrected during that stay.
    some people have a blind loyalty to specific parks and just want to influence others to have the same opinion.

    you know that old saying "there is strength in numbers" ?
    the only thing it does is scare future guests away from a new park to try.

    except when harry potter comes to town.
  20. BuckeyeGuy28

    BuckeyeGuy28 "Why So Serious"

    Aug 9, 2008
    Like my social studies teachers have always said; everything is about MONEY

    Universal is not as expensive to go to. That's why people don't have a need to brag about going there and having a well-spent vacation. If you bought a 16" TV, would you say you enjoyed it and tell people about it as much as you would have if you'd bought a 64" TV???

    When people spend that much money, they're determined to have a good time because wasting moeyis probably the worst feeling in the world. Everyhing comes down to money in some way. People rave about Disney more because they want to tell people they spent a lot of money and had great results. It's more comfortable to complain about Universal when you haven't spent as much on it, and its lack of publicity makes it a less-desirable destination among some other people.
  21. buildabear

    buildabear Earning My Ears

    Oct 17, 2008

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