Who wants to be my buddy??


Addicted to the DIS!
Oct 13, 2000
hey everyone! I really wanna try out this new buddy list feature on the message boards but i need some buddies to use it! So... if you wanna be my buddy, add your name!! :bounce:
Let's all be on eachother's buddy list. I'm going to add everyone here on to my list (if I can work out how :) )
I just added everyone that posted to this message to my buddy list

Sure...I would like to be!

<font face="comic sans ms" color=blueviolet size=4>AHHHH! i want buddies tooooooo!!! hehehe :)
Add me to your lists too & i'll do the same!!!!!
ok now all of you guys are on my buddy list- i'll send you all messages when you're on!!!:p
You're all on my list, too! I need buddies also =)
I'll try the buddy thing! I need a buddy too!(or buddies!):smooth:


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