who made the spider-man ride


Mar 21, 2001
does anyone know who was the leader building the spider man ride at IOA. i watched a tv show once where they showed how they built the ride but i forget who they said built it
Don't know who built it but concept & designed by IOA (?) Film done by Kleizer-Walczak Construction Company. Click here Spiderman

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I believe the whole project was done by Universal Creative.


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Truthfully, I invented the ride concept and simply gave the idea to Universal. In exchange they allow me to ride the ride whenever I visit.
The Spidey costume was designed for my physique, but they insisted on younger guys to sport them since I wasn't available at all times.
Jim, if ONLY that were true.....


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I think Universal did most of the production, but I know several other Orlando companies did some marginal work on the ride (I think ITEC worked out the computer operation system).
Itec only did a minimal amount of show control work. Nothing to do with the ride itself.


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