Who here wants Jurrasic Park Re released?


Earning My Ears
Jul 13, 2000
I am wondering how to start a petition for this. Many of my freinds are also interested. Tell me how and if you would also like it to be re released. I never got to see it on the big screen cuz i was only like 5 or 6 when it came out :( You can also look over at my second favorite page(of course this is my favorite) on www.DansJP3Page.com THANKS ahead of time! :D


JP will not be rereleased until at least 2013, if then. Most movies that are being rereleased are coming out on the 20th anniversary. However with the strike in 2002, the studios might become desperate at release it earlier.
Get the DTS DVD, buy a nice home theater system hooked up to a large screen TV and a big subwoffer and sit back and enjoy. I'm a big fan of the first movie (the second one stunk) and have a DTS copy on DVD. With my home system it is "almost" up to the big screen experience and I can enjoy it again and again. BTW, Jurrasic Park 3 is coming so you'll get to see that. I'll wait and see what the reviews are before I go since the second movie was such a stinker.


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