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Oct 4, 2001
I have a business trip to Tampa coming up for Feb. 11th. Being the good company man I am ;) , I am planning on flying down on Sat. the 9th to save the company money. This means I will have a rental car and nothing to do on Sunday the 10th.
I have been to WDW 18 trips and USF 3 trips. I have a slight middle ear problem, but I can usually do all but the most intense rides (Hulk, Dueling Dragons, RnR) using Dramamine or something similar.
If you were in my position, which park would you spend the day at?
USF?, or
Let's see here...
Not MGM since they don't have much asides from RnRC.
Epcot or AK is nothing impressive.
Now you say you've been to WDW 18 times... so I'd knock out MK.

That leaves USF and IOA which is a whole different matter...
IOA I suppose is how you look at the rides. You would be left with Dr. Doom, Spidey, Dudley, Popeye, JPRA, Triceritops, Flying Unicorn, Storm Force, Sinbad, Cat in the Hat, One fish, and the Caro-suess-al... not to mention better food and atmosphere. If you are willing to ride the water rides, I'd say go to IOA(IS DUDLEY DOWN FOR REHAB AT THIS TIME?). If you do not, that is where it gets iffy. That would leave you with reletively few attractions. At this time, you could ride everything at USF. Now it is up to you from here. It's a simple matter of which rides look better to you. I myself would pick IOA, even if you did not want to ride water rides. After talking, or writing, it out, I think IOA would do for you. Riding the water rides would give you a good bit more to do, so I suggest bringing a poncho... and have fun no matter where you pick!

sorry i keep forgeting with the AP parkhopping is the only way to fly:smooth:
I'm pretty sure I've decided to go with USF. Does anybody know of any of the rides/attractions that will be closed there on Feb. 10th? Does USF have a web listing of rides under rehab or such?


Definitely goto USF or IOA.

After your trip I want you to change that picture of you with Tigger to you with Doc Brown!

Let me give you a quick rundown of the other parks you mentioned:

Magic Kingdom = Sucks unless you are under 9.

Epcot = Sucks unless you like rides and attractions based on the premise that it's still 1985. If you want to have open heart surgery and don't feel like being put to sleep by an anesthesiologist, just schedule the surgery at one of Epcot's Fine country movies. The Canadian Pavilion film will put you out in 1.2 seconds. The Norway film will put you to sleep in .02 seconds.

MGM = Pathetic that 90% of the crowds are at Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster. Very pathetic that Star Tours should have been updated 8 years ago. Extremely pathetic is Who Wants to Be a Millionare Play It. Wow you get to see people answer easy trivia questions for free pins. Oooooooooooh.

Animal Kingdom = After you go on the Safari, the 3D movie, and the Dinosaur ride, is there really anything else to do but leave or buy merchandise?


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