Which park is better for children - USO or IOA?


Earning My Ears
Apr 24, 2000
If you only had one (1) day at either Universal Studios or Island of Adventure, which would you choose for children ages 4 & 8? Neither ride large roller coasters if that helps. Both look like a lot of fun but I need to choose only one!!
Whle IOA does have Seuss Land and a few other rides for small ones, most of their rides have at least a height requirement. The majority of the "best" rides here are coasters, water rides (height req) IMHO. At US the rides are calmer. They don't have many "rough" rides, except Back to the Future, if you want to be sure both kids will be able to ride the majority of the rides I'd choose US. My family's favorite is IOA but my kids are teenagers and LOVE wild rides.
I have to agree, USF has more for younger children. A Day in the Park with Barney, Animal Planet Live, Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster, Nickelodeon Live, Hanna Barbera, and a personal fave, the Curious George area, a miniature water park, are BIG draws for kids.

I must admit that IOA has been a fave of my son's since he was 6, when it first opened. He just reached the age that he can get on the big coasters but still loved the park BEFORE he could get on them. The theming, the characters, the general feel of the park is to be experienced!
I must disagree. Other than riding ET my 4 yr old had rather spend her time at IOA. Even thought they can do more at US that does not mean that the things will interest them.

I give a vote for IOA. They have the marvel comics area (the spiderman ride is excellent). The other rides in this area are for older kids and adults (i.e. hulk rollercoaster). The next area is the Toon area. They have a popeyes boat that they can play on and a few rides they could probably go on (check height restrictions) i.e. flume ride and the water ride where 8 people sit in a circle and go through the rapids. The next area is the Jurasic park area. The Jurassic Park ride is too intense for little kids. They also have a play area for kids in this area where you can have water fights with people and also the ride where you ride in a pteradactle (spelling?). The next area is not really for young kids. And then you have the Dr. Seuss area where it is all for kids. My son prefers this. The other park has some rides or shows for kids but I feel they are mostly adult in nature, i.e. jaws, king kong, Twister. They do have an area geared for kids where Barney and Woody Woodpecker are but it is small. Back to the future and Men in black are good but they might have height restrictions. I found ET to be a little boring. Nickoledan is also there.


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