Which character breakfast with Pooh would you suggest?


Aug 18, 1999
Hi guys -- Which character breakfast with Pooh would you suggest... These are the only 2 I know of...Any other thoughts or recommendations welcome.


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Depends on your interests. I'd choose Crystal Palace for the food and activity and Artist Point for a more peaceful atmosphere. The Characters are great at both places I hear.

I second the vote for crystal palace...the variety of food was better and it seemed to have more Pooh characters. It does get crowded- so PS are almost mandatory and we always try to eat early. Doesn't Olivia's at OKW still have a Pooh Breakfast a few days a week?
I would actually recommend Olivia's at Old Key West. It is a smaller restaurant so you get a lot of attention.

Artist Point at WL.
A great way to visit a hotel - beautifully decorated lobby in a North West theme.

I prefer served food over a buffet.
Too many germs floating around on a buffet.
I would hate my family to get a touch of a stomach virus from people "handling" food at the buffet table.

Either eat there early (7:30 am) and take the boat ride to MK for the day. -OR- Do an EE morning at MK and boat ride over to the WL for a 10 am "brunch".

I hear Pooh, Tigger and Eyeore visit often (no Piglet though).

Enjoy where ever you decide !

We're doing Artisit Point breakfast as our last
before we leave for the plane :cool:
For a real pooh lover (as my 2 year old is) I would have to say Crystal Palace. At Artist Point Pooh came to the table once for the standard character picture/autograph. At Crystal Palace Pooh didn't come around. He stood in the center and you lined up to see him. My ds was able to go up to him and hug him and when I thought that it was time to move along since he was "Pooh hogging" we got on the back of the line (there were only around 5 people on line and no one got on line behind us) and he was able to hug him all over again.

We did our first character meal at the Crystal Palace. I made PS for 11:30 am and we got to MK at 11:00am on the first day we were there. We only had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. My DH and I thought the selection and quality of food was very good value for the money. We only had a cup of tea/milk for the DS and a muffin in the am at our condo before we came so we were good and hungry. My DS loved the low buffet table with the kids selections. We met Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet and got great pictures with all of them. They circulated around all the tables. Pooh came right up behind DS and surprised him. The look on his face was priceless. We ate so much that we only had a snack later around 6pm, so it was really good value

I agree with Tampafan. We have gone to Olivia's twice for a character breakfast and the kids just loved it! It is smaller and the characters come around at least a couple of times. The meal is a predetermined breakfast but it was good and we were full! Friends of ours went to the Crystal Palace and felt Olivia's was so much better. :)
I'd choose the Crystal Palace.
The atmosphere is wonderful and we had a great time.
I've been to all three Pooh breakfasts and I definitely agree with poster who said to go to Olivia's. Kids get SO much attention there. The characters don't rush at all.


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