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    so I just called to try add a day or 2 at Seaworld and staying at one of the hotels(I think it was a Hampton ?) staying 3 nights including dining for 2 days and park access for length of my trip to Aquatica sand Seaworld for around $1000 for 3.

    Am I better off just adding days at Universal and buying the 2 day pass - no front of the line thing for Seaworld if I do that. Having a hard time deciding. Tickets would be around $300. By the time I add a hotel (probably $200 a night thinking cabana bay) it will be around the price including the food. I don’t know to do.
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    confusing question, needs a lot of clarification
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    Do you have a car? Any issues doing ubers? This is just me, but for Orlando (Disney, Universal, SeaWorld) are all fairly close to each other and I personally like staying put and staying one place during my entire Orlando stay. // I also don't think it's really necessary to have the quick queue and benefits of a partner hotel.

    I think a big part of the equation is how much your Universal hotel is costing you? If there is not too big a cost differential staying put at Cabana Bay sounds great. There are times that I have moved as I hate to be paying a big premium to be on Disney or Universal property when I am doing things outside of their parks.

    Total side note, but for my next trip I'm going to be staying at the Marriott Residence Inn SeaWorld. Not that I need this, but I'll get that quick queue for SeaWorld. They have a nice pool and hot tub area. The rooms are newly remodeled and include a mini kitchenette. Breakfast while not as good as lets say Embassy Suites is really pretty good and included in the rate. I'm doing this, though, with the hotel direct and staying there four nights -- doing one day at SeaWorld, one day at Disney, and the Titanic attraction on I drive, Disney Springs, and dinner out with my nephew who live in Orlando on my third day there. If I'm not doing an offsite condo or house rental (choice I do with larger group and longer stay), I often pick the SeaWorld area as I think the properties are a good value and are fairly centrally located between Disney and Universal depending on what we are doing. The SeaWorld hotels though are in a quieter area and so something to maybe think about too is if you would like to be at Universal with easy walking access to City Walk at night. We after a busy theme park day like a quiet dinner at our hotel, pool time, and maybe sitting down with laptops and doing some photo editing etc. so the quiet SeaWorld area works very well for us.
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    I booked my last two trips at Springhill Suites. It's right near SW and has free transportation (shared bus). I like the layout of the rooms but the sister resort Fairfield Inn & Suites (right next door) is a bit cheaper. Free buffet breakfast each morning, with hot items. You can see the back of SW from the hotel. Restaurants and a pharmacy are within walking distance.

    You also get free Quick Queue for 1 ride each on most rides. If you are staying long enough they also offer free behind the scene tour of turtles, manatees and the rescue trucks. Tour is only offered a few times a week, depending on time of year.

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