Where else should I go? (Dining question)

Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000

First timer on the MYW dining. This is a family of four with a 7 and 10 year old. On previous trips, We would usually do counter service using the now defunct Q &C vouchers.

Our trip is 8/28 to 9/3 (staying at Coronado)

So far I have

8/28- Ohana
8/29 - 1900 Park Fair Dinner
8/30 - Boma dinner

Any other suggestions? I was thinking Le Cellier, but I'm not sure. Any others?

My kids are pretty adventourous. They eat all types of food, and enjoy Indian, Thai, mexican, and Middle Eastern foods. They really don't like American food. (mac n cheese/hot dogs are not their favorites).

What would you suggest?

We have no allergies or diet restrictions.


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Oct 30, 2004
How about Whispering Canyon Cafe?I think its great for kids. You could also try Teppanyaki.


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Feb 4, 2004
I was also going to suggest WCC. It was the only one NOT on your list that's a must-do for our family.

We also like the Trails End buffet at FW for breakfast or dinner. It's good hearty food and one of the better values for a buffet meal. Fort Wilderness is a neat place to visit in the late evening. The peacocks are everywhere and getting ready to roost for the night. We eat at Trails End then head over to the campfire sing-a-long/movie on every trip.


Jun 9, 2001
Someone had to ask - right? If you're kids are adventurous eaters and don't like American fare, then avoid WCC. It's all-American and all-bland. I'd rather eat a bowl of dog chow than go back there.

Another choice at the WL is Artist Point. If you don't spending some money (likely close to $200 for a family of four, with alcohol), you'll get culinary adventure in a relaxing setting. How bout salmon grilled on a piece of cedar? Maybe some buffalo or venison?

California Grill is another favorite of ours. If you ask at the front, they may even let your 7 year old "start the fireworks." I won't ruin it for you, but suffice it to say that it will be a highlight.Try the pork tenderloin. If you're a fan of Emeril Lagasse you'll know what I mean when I say pork fat rules notches unknown in this dish. The mac and cheese served with the beef filet is definitely better than the school cafeteria's.

You'll love Boma!


Missing Mickey and Friends
Feb 2, 2004
Since you're on the dining plan and don't have to worry about price, you have lots of choices. Go for Teppanyaki in Epcot's Japan for the grillchef-at-your-table experience or Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot's Norway for the music, dancing and great food!

Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000
We've done WCC before, and it was only an ok experience. Its not that flavorful for us.


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May 6, 2004
I would say you need to choose a country at Epcot. Marrakesh in Morrocco gets consistently great reviews and the kids can get involved in the belly dancing. Also, Teppanyaki can be a lot of fun if you get the right chef.

Chef Mickeys is all Disney to me, but the food is not exactly haute cuisine. Tons of fun again though.

Have you looked at a night at the Boardwalk? Spoodles is always popular as well as Flying Fish although that is 2 credits.

Have fun choosing,


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