What's your favorite music at Universal?


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Aug 20, 1999
My favorite is the music from the Storm Force Acceleratron. The music really gets you pumped for the ride. It's also the only ride where the ride ops dance to the music. You don't see this at It's a Small World! :)

Who else has a favorite?


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Mines gotta be the entrance music to Jurassic Park. I know it sounds stupid :rolleyes: but I feel something when I hear that music. Maybe its the inner child in me, maybe its my Jurassic Parkholism, but whatever it is, I like it! :D

I mean there is so much good music at IOA and Universal..I guess my favs woul have to be JP, Lost Continent, or Marvel super hero island...these are all my favs and its just so HARD to chose... :eek:


Favorite Music:
ALL of the music on the walk from the parking lot to the parks.

Least Favorite Music:
ALL of the music on the walk from the parks to the parking lot.
I agree with lagasan - the music on the walk to the parks really raises the anticipation level. Inside the parks I think I have to say that JP is my favorite, but all of it is good.
Thanks for making me happy with your comments ! I agree with you !!!

I think my favorite is the music they play in Port of Entry. I get this big dumb grin on my face just thinking about it.:D
I'll have to say the JP theme. It just means so much to me :-), i get tingles whenever i hear it................yeah. :-C


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I'm with Renee! Walking into Port of Entry does it for me. :D

that music makes me wanna go save the day somewhere. Even feel like tackling Ripsaw Falls or Blutos' Barges on a cool/cold day......almost.
the best music is when you are waiting in line of hulk. i think that music fits best with the ride.


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