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Dec 31, 2017
I know this is the DLP thread and this is more about Europe in general but we have a trip booked to Europe including 3 days at DLP this August but the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany has been postponed to 2022 when we can’t go. So we’re accepting the fact that we won’t get to see the play but this has forced us to reconsider if we should even go this year due to the virus. Hopefully things will be ok in August and we’ve been looking forward to this trip for months and months but maybe international travel is a bad idea for a while especially because we’re going to Rome for 4 days? We’re thinking maybe if we go in 2021 it could be better anyway since my sister could come too and Marvel land will hopefully be open then. So maybe a possible Orlando trip this year and Europe next year is a better idea? The only non refundable reservations we’ve made are flights to Europe and a couple within Europe. If we change those and they don’t let us do it for free it’ll cost us about $1200.

So, what do you think? Should I...
1. Keep the Europe trip as planned
2. Go to WDW this year and Europe next year
3. Don’t go anywhere this year


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May 12, 2018
That’s a tough question...
I think one important question is when do you have to cancel to get your money back or book a new trip to WDW? If you still have a couple of weeks for that decision I would wait. I know it’s tough not knowing...
but the way things are right now in Germany many restrictions will be reconsidered around Easter and I guess that will be true for France and Italy... so we should know more about the way the next summer will look like in a few weeks. Though I think that restrictions will be reconsidered again between Easter and August but it should give us a general idea what to expect. In a couple of weeks we will also know better if every city will be hit as bad as those parts in northern Italy...
If you can postpone that decision till the end of April I would do that...
I have no idea about what will happen in the next weeks in the US... but it’s big, they started testing pretty late and many love theor freedom so forcing everyone not to go outside will be even harder than here in Europe... at least that are my thoughts...

I was thinking about summer vacations as well yesterday and it’s a tough call right now.
If you have to decide now I would probably say cancel Europe. Many airlines let you rebook tickets or refund them now. So I would ask that and if not keep the tickets a little longer (won’t hurt if you won’t get any money back anyways) and keep trying because they might change that policy later on...The way things are now going I don’t think a trip to Rome will be worth it and travel restrictions might still be there. I am actually pretty convinced that it will take some months till free traveling around the globe will be allowed again even after most restrictions are lifted in one country...
Is it possible to book a fully refundable rate for WDW? It is a bit like gambling... might work out might not... but if it were possible to go to WDW this summer and you didn’t book you will probably be sad about that... but it could be just as possible that WDW isn’t even open or has big restrictions and might now be „worth“ it...

that’s a really tough call... I personally would decide between 2 and 3 right now because I don’t know if international traveling will be a good idea in summer and if Italy/Rome will be worth it in August. But I‘ve never been to WDW just DL and that’s far easier to do spontaneously... just book a hotel with a refundable rate, keep a look on airfare and wait till summer... so waiting a couple of weeks now won’t be an issue... and like I said I guess we will hopefully have a better idea about the rest of the year at the end of April/ beginning of Mai...

I don’t know if my lengthy reply is any help but that’s make take on it right now...


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Feb 5, 2012
I am going for option 1 or 2. I do think later this year it will be possible to travel again, but I find it hard to say if August will be possible (I have an August trip to the US planned and in the same boat).

Even when international travel will be possible by then, it is hard to predict what tourists attractions will do.

For now, i will at least wait till after Easter, by then countries in Europa had their measures in place for about a month. Hopefully then we will have more clarity.

I am fine (disappointed, but fine) if I would postpone my trip for a while, but not knowing when to take the decision is the hard part. If we would postpone, I personally would like to postpone it to low season instead of August 2021, but my friend has 1 year of studying to do on her MBA, and her school hasnt released the Schedule for '20-'21 yet.
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Dec 29, 2013
As an European living in Ireland I would go for Option 2

Remember All Schools in Europe are closed And any " Holiday Time " left will be taken

in July & August

Also those who are now working will wish to have their holidays in the summer .

Please RE Check your airline tickets You Should have some refund or be allowed to change flights

for future travel


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Dec 31, 2017
Thanks so much guys! I think we’ll wait about a month to decide. The main thing about WDW is that we need to get Fastpasses 60 days before the trip but that won’t be until June. I just like knowing what’s happening hahaha!


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Sep 5, 2005
We were supposed to go to Germany and France with a DLP visit in mid-June. We cancelled because no one really knows how long this is going to last. Instead we are going to stay closer to home this year and try France in a few years when my DH retires and we can go in September or October.