What use years are left at VWL for add ons?

We just purchased new into VWL in January with a use year of August. I was led to believe that August add-on points would still be available after new sales stopped on 2/2. I don't know about any other available use years.
We just did another 100 point add-on at VWL for August use-year because we didn't want to buy new at Beach Club. Way too excited!!!! We now have 200 points at VWL and 170 at BWV.

Good luck!!!
We recently added on February points to our VWL membership.

As I recall, someone posted earlier that December was sold out.

Good luck in getting what you need.
DVC Chris:

We too have an October use year and were thinking of an add on. What program did you get with the add on? Do you get 2001 points?? Did you use the "new" magical beginnings? Is that $10 off per point and then you forfeit the 2001 points?

Might consider an add on and just want the facts!

I noticed that at least two people said they added on with a September use year. My guide has told me twice (as recently as Feb. 9 that the September use year was sold out). I would love to add 100 points, who is your guide?
We did a 100 point add-on in December and a 35 point add-on in January with a October use year.

ralphd:) :) :) :) :) :)

We just bought a 50 point add-on.. Unfortunately, were/are not any special programs for add-ons below 100 pts.

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