What type of 2 way radios to take?


Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2002
I am a WDW rookie. What are the best brand/type of radios to take? I plan on taking Motorola 5200's that have 14 channels with 38-sub channels. Should I be okay with them?

We were there for a week in Jan & used the Motorola 5200's. They worked fine for us. We had to switch channels onetime, but after that we were fine. Have a great time.
They are fine if you have the sub chnl codes.

You may need to look for a quiet chnl now and again but the radios can be a big help with families.

Just a suggestion to anyone who already has a "family " calling plan on their cell phones and is considering purchasing or renting two-way radio's for a trip......

We were able to "upgrade" our local calling area on our family calling plan for our cell phones for just one billing cycle. (the one where we were at WDW.) The difference in the upgrade was only about 30 bucks and we were able to call each other on our cells using only our free minutes. The range was much longer than with the radio's. (one person could be at a totaly different park and still reach each other.) This worked well for us and we plan on doing it again this summer when we are there with a bigger group. We will give the in-laws one of our phones an we will keep the other. this way we can do our thing and then catch up with them later in the day no matter where they are. There is also the added bonus of voice mail or notification that you missed a call.(say if you turned off the ringer while in show)

Just a suggestion

- lori


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