What to use to open wine bottles in cabin?


Sep 18, 2001
Just occured to me as I try to create THE perfect packing list.
I have the wine bubbled wrapped etc. But with the x ray of lugguge etc dare I even try to pack a wine opening?

If I put it into check lugguge with clothes wouldn't that be picked up during scanning and cause a through search ?

What do you think?
You can pack a corkscrew in your checked bags with no problem. Or use one of the "wine pullers" that has no sharp points that rocks the cork out....that could even go in carry-on bags.

And if worse comes to worst DCL will loan you a corkscrew once onboard. :)
If you are serious about wine, forget the corkscrew and pack your sabre - you strike the bottle right along the neck, and you won't have any problems. :jester:
barnsquad, you can borrow ours - we got a little corkscrew when we sailed 2/2000. It's a DCL one. Closes up into a little case - the case cover is the handle. I think we got it right from our cabin steward.

Kim ºOº
Don't need one with a box of wine or even ones with screw tops? ;)
I had one of the "wine pullers" WITH sharp points and I got it on the ship 10/13/01, no problem.
Michelle is right, just pack one in a checked bag. The ban of sharp items only involves carry on bags. Kathy
MAN you guys are good... thanks! My husband was stressing telling me no way was this going to work (he doesn't even drink! it's the rest of my family! ha ha )

Well we proved him wrong again.. THANKS!
Well, it's always the women planning, isn't it? (Giggling) A woman with a corkscrew - watch out! Just knock on our door - we'll help you out!

Kim ºOº
Thanks Kim! By the way I did pm the other families traveling same week as us!

Can't wait....4 days till our vacation starts!!!!!!!!!!!!


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