What to miss if you eat at Palos?


Aug 24, 2001
Just was wondering what most of you have done if you had dinner at Palos and have kids?? Did you miss one of your regular dinner rotations, a themed night, eat early then go with the kids or you send the kids to the clubs?? I have DD13 & DS 10. So many choices and I don't want to miss anything!!!Thanks!
kritters4: An option you have is to 'Double Dip', that way you won't miss your usual dinner rotation. If you have 1st seating, make your Palo reservation anytime before 10pm. Just eat light during your rotation dining! (I suppose you can do the opposite if you have the 2nd seating). Hope this helps.
We had an early seating, so we went with the kids to dinner and had appetizers, then left the kids at dinner and headed to Palo's; since our kids were old enough to be on their own, this wasn't a major problem for them.

Another option might be to let the kids order dinner from room service.

Or if you're comfortable with them being out and about on the ship by themselves they could go up to deck 9 for a burger or pizza.
We had second seating so we went to Palo's around 6:00 then to our regular dinner for dessert.
We took the girls to dinner and let them enjoy the night. Then off to clubs and off we went, We closed the place and the girls where beeping us.

Hi kritters4,

Just wanted to say hello. Saw that you are going on 4/27 cruise. We are too! We have daughter 7, son 5 (will be almost 6 at time of cruise), and baby boy 15 months. We're also bringing out live in aupair. Looking forward to seeing more names on the cruise list for our date!


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