What to do?? Custom Ebay outfit doesn't fit ds! HELP!

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by weesignlanguage, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. weesignlanguage

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Hi guys! I ordered a precious precious custom ebay outfit from a very well spoken for ebay seller about 3-4 weeks ago for $35.00. I purchased a t-shirt and shorts set. The t-shirt had a personalized monogram in Disney font and an appliqued Mickey head w/ a pirate bandana on it...precious!! The shorts were red/white material that was used in the bandana on the t-shirt. I've been waiting anxiously for it to arrive before our trip. We leave on Thursday.

    When I ordered the outfit, I emailed her the following measurements:
    Full waist at belly button- 24.5 in.
    Waist below belly button where men/boys pull their shorts down to (argh)- 23 in.
    Bellybutton to knee- 12.5 in.
    Chest- 23.5 in
    Arm from shoulder to wrist when are is straight out- 13 to 13.5 in.
    throat to where t-shirt hem hits- 14 in.
    I also explained that my ds has a very round belly and broad shoulders.

    So, today it came and I opened it and immediately knew when I looked at that it was going to be too small for my ds. He was disappointed too. The t-shirt was too tight but wearable (until I wash it at least) and the shorts were wayyyy too tight around the waist and bootie. The length was great.

    I don't know what to do. I emailed her a very nice email explaining that I NEVER complain and would not say a thing if I thought he could wear it. She emailed me back and said she measured the t-shirt before she customized it for ds and that I said his chest was 24 in. and the t-shirt was 12 1/2 across. I measured the t-shirt and she is right. But it is too small. I measured ds again and I measured right too. I think she should have allowed more "wiggle/grow" room. His 24 in. measurement is with me measuring him directly around his chest. The shorts measure 12 inches one side when completely stretched out so they should fit a 24 in. waist...and I said he was 24.5 in. Even if she had made it at 25 in. that would leave little room.

    How do I handle this?? I've never had a problem and she is willing to work with me but how far do I push getting another set and getting it by this weekend at least...we leave on Thursday but I would be happy if I could at least let him wear it one day in the parks before we leave on Sept. 28. Is it reasonable to ask her to re-do the outfit and send it express to our resort?? I don't want to ask too much. Or should I just ask her to pay shipping and let me return it for a refund?? I realllllly want this outfit for pics at MK!! HELP!
  2. sage10

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    Aug 20, 2008
    My only response is to ask her if she could make a new one by this weekend, and if she would send it express. Let her know you would pay the additional charge for shipping (not the whole shipping, just the extra that the express costs). I would then send the other back. I am sorry that it didn't fit, it sounds adorable. Good luck.
  3. imthatgirl

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    Jul 5, 2008
    i do think its unreasonable for you to ask her to get it to you by this week end. i think it would be better off if you return the item for a refund if shes willing.
    as a general rule, the person who is making the clothes should be the one measuring the wearer. not saying you didnt measure correctly, its just that people measured differently.

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