What ride at Universal scared you the most ?

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Oct 30, 2000
I took my sister on Jurassic Park. She`s not into thrill rides and wandered on thinking she was on an innocent boat ride. The drop at the end came as a huge surprise to her LOL. Anyone else had "surprises" like this?
ioa and usf definetly are more "thrilling" at usf terminator might be a little scary, its a little like alien encounter at mk(only a little!), back to the future is a very bumpy simulator ride,men in black is no problem, king kong, earthquake, and twister didn't really have any big surprises. usf doesn't have the rides like ioa in terms of thrill rides.
The scariest ride for me is Dr. Doom's Fearfall. The wait before the launch will make you very tense. I also thought that the first time you see the "wall kick" on Ice Dragon was very scary. I thought I was going to lose my feet! Nothing is scary at USF except those that think Earthquake and Kongfrontation are actually decent attractions. THAT IS SCARY! ;)

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I'd have to go with Dr. Dooms Fearfall also. Nothing is worse than that wait before blasting off. Too bad blast-off is the highlight of the ride....it goes downhill from there.


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i agree w/ jim and degeneration. the scary part of dr dooms fearfall is that no one tells you what to do(at least i did not receive any directions). all i knew was that i needed to be in that seat, buckled in P.D.Q! oh, and 2 hour waits, those are also scary.


the thing is that they ride attendant says, "put your head back, your really should." i am sitting there for 30 second scared and tired hoping to keep my head back so i don't loose it!

bring the hulk on!
I'm not easily shaken but the launch for Dr.Doom took my breath away.

Needless to say I will NEVER do that again... <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">


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We had just been on Tower of Terror the day before, so after the Dr. Doom launch, we kept waiting for the ride to start. There was nothing there! But the launch did "rack" my DH, which I guess you can consider scary!

On the Earthquake ride they were having "technical difficulties" (the rumble wasn't there at the beginning of the "bid scene"), so they backed us up and made us do the whole thing over again, so that was a little scary -- I was afraid we wouldn't have time for more rides before the park closed!

Cheers :)


This ride almost gave me a heart attack, no kidding !!!!! My 8 year old was not tall enough to go on the Hulk, so chose Dr. Doom as his "big-guy" ride. I did not want to go, but how could I let him go by himself??? I was almost in a full fledged panic by the time we blasted off....I didn't let him know I was freaking, and he really liked it, but he will NEVER get me on there again! I will stick to the big coasters !
It takes a lot to give me a shock, and both these rides did just that--until the Hulk I'd never been on a hypercoaster that 'launched' you like that. Definitely took my breath away each time we shot out of that gamma tube!

Fearfall is like nothing I'd ever been on before--on most of these freefall rides its the drop that's the excitement...was quite a surprise when the big deal was the take off...I can honestly say it shocked the devil out of me the first go round, but I loved every minute of it. On the way up I just kept repeating 'oh my God oh my God oh my God' until I was sure we would actually stop before flying off the top of it LOL! Quite the rush! :cool: :cool:
Please compare Dr. Doom to Tower of Terror in "fright value". Is it a launch up instead of a drop down?? My twelve year old daughter LOVED TOT, but I would like to prepare her ahead of time.
Thanks !
On the TOT, the big deal is the drop in the darkness...on Dr. Doom the big deal is the extremely fast launch upwards (makes you feel like a rocket) to a fairly high height, where you can pretty much see the whole park. I don't recommend Doom to those scared of heights or that are afraid of extreme speed and adrenaline rushes. TOT is a great ride, quite scary in its own right, but to give an example my mother absolutely loves TOT but wouldn't come near Doom. It just depends on how much extreme you can handle really


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