What can a child buy as a sovenier for $10 at WDW ?


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Feb 16, 2000
If I give my DS (9 yrs old) & DD (6 yrs old) each $10 a day for their own spending money....what can they buy ?

Is $10 enough for ...
a hat ?
a small toy ?
t-shirt (I'm dreaming - maybe $20?) ?
school supplies ?
Christmas ornament ?

???? :eek:


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Yes, you can get some things for $10 and under. My 7 yo DD went crazy for the pin trading and the pins start at $6.50.

Also, you can tell them that if they see something more expensive that they want they can save their money that you give them and get that big thing that they want.
For under $10, they could buy a Disney beanie - my DS bought a Tomorrowland Mickey, and I'm pretty sure it was $7 or $8. I also found Space Mountain t-shirts for both DSs in the gift shop reduced to $7.99 - snatched them up in a hurry! :)

Most of the pins are under $10, and there's enough of a variety to keep anyone happy.

Also bought for under $10 (not sure exactly how much, though):

Kermit the frog (also other characters, obviously...) crazy straw
Soda mug (not refillable) from MK
Key chains
Magnetic bumper sticker (OK, that was for Mom!)

If you can, try to resist the urge to buy the spinning lights sold at parades and Fantasmic - I think my DSs spent $12 on Winnie-the-Pooh spinning lights, and they only seemed to work for that week (actually, I think they didn't make it through the week). Of course, YMMV...

I was able to buy a package of 24 character crayons for the boys to bring back to their class for $10 - that went over pretty well! Also a big hit was having the character(s) sign a post card and mailing it to the class.

Hope this small list helps. Enjoy your trip.



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We went in 1997, and these are some of the things they got for under $10:

Big Mylar Balloons (still hanging on their walls like posters)

Small stuffed Figment

Pencils Bent in Character Shapes

Personalized Mouse Ears (only ~$6)


Pirate Pistols after riding POC 3 times


We also bought Mickey photo albums at Wal-Mart before we left home and the boys bought lots of postcards every day and put them in their albums every night.


Lots of pressed pennies,towels with the characters ptrinted on them that are all squished up into a tiny size and then you put it in water for it to expand.These are around 3-4 dollars and are real washcloths.My dd gets them on every trip and they are always getting in new designs.

There are literally tons of things under ! The hats and T's aren't though. Most hats like the character ones are about $15-$18. My DD bought just the Minnie ears with bow at $13. Most T's run $25 to $30. Those nighttime light-up things are outrageous! Just the lightup tube necklaces were like $7 dollars. Next time I will go to the dollar store, or Army surplus and buy some of those packs that light-up. My school age kids bought pencils shaped like guitars at Rocking Roller Coaster, postcards and trading pins. They also picked up some neat "show and tell" items in the countries at Epcot for under .
My kids really enjoyed shopping the most at the Celebrity 5&10 in MGM. They got GOH badges, my son got a giant GOH badge for his bedroom wall. My daughter made a personalized princess bead necklace. My middle son got a Mickey mug with his name on it.

Outside Adventureland Jungle Cruise was a store where they bought a bag of polished rocks. Sounds stupid, but they played with those rocks every day, trading them, arranging them, etc.

All three like to collect metal license plates, they got one when they rode Test Track.

There is lots of junk, I mean souveneirs for under $10!


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