Well not all dreams can have a happy ending... For now


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Dec 24, 1999
After doing some checking and disscusions with my current job.. We are staying put for at least another year. I was given an offer I just could not say no to. But sooner or later the pull will be to much... Thank you for all the well wishes though.
Hey Nat and Sandy,

I truly believe there is a reason for everything - and you might not know what it is, but you will find out soon.

This was just meant to be.

It will happen one day, but sounds like some good things came out of trying to move with your current job.

We are glad you are still up here with us Northerns - it just would have not been the same without you.

Hey, any chance you can make it to Vince's now.

You must have great things going for you to be badly wanted in two different places. Congrats on two great offers.
Glad its all settled now for you Nat -- Seems like it was the right thing -- for now!

Well, Nat, that gives you and Sandy and Chloe a year to adjust to Orlando weather. I suggest you turn your heat on full blast -- especially in the summer -- and boil huge pots of water on your stove to increase the overall humidity in the house. :D

You may want to check out the local thrift stores for some board shorts and tank shirts. You can start by wearing them around the house to get used to your new style.:smooth:

This should have you guys already for next year's transition.
You know nat, i feel your pain...i too was planning an orlando move. I swore i would never move out of columbus for anywhere but the big O. but i found myself moving to akron last dec. Hopefully it too is a temporary thing, but i will get an offer next dec and my be in the same situation as you......oh well..i'll make it there someday...(sigh) :)
Sounds like you made out pretty good. You got a great offer, which probably means more money, which means more money for WDW trips.
So, just plan your time off wisely and have fun.
but don't forget, your still in charge of prospecting land for Pincity Peggie

Sorry to hear but glad to have you sticking around.
We are happy that you are obviously so well appreciated at your present job - your time will come and you will be more than ready then to take on a new challenge! Until then - keep up the WDW trips, come out to this western part of the state more often and truly enjoy your lives! Caroline and Roger
On a selfish note, I'm sorry to hear that, I was excited about finally being able to make a pin meet at Nat's! LOL But I'm glad you were able to work things out and do what is right for you and Sandy.
Where there's a will, there's a way and since you have your heart set on being south it will happen for you when the time is right. I have no doubt someday we'll be seeing posts from you with your location saying "Florida." :D
......that means that when you do finally move down this way, you're gonna have to change that screenname.......

How's "FLMickey" grab ya?? :D Best of luck to you Nat.....

I'm kinda glad we're not losing New England's top pin collector quite yet. Now you'll be around when the Sox win it all next October! And it won't be such a bad drive if you have a 2nd annual NHMickey's Memorial Weekend pin party!
Steve Knapp
Nat - it will probably take you a year to pack up all your pins, pin sets, snow globes, etc.



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