Walking from Resorts to the Worlds of Disney?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Goofyposter, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Goofyposter

    Goofyposter Director of Farmland Defense

    Oct 18, 2001
    Hi, first a bit of background. My Wife and I have made 3 trips to WDW in the last year. I view my trips to WDW as 49% for fun, and 51% for health. I've needed to lose some weight for a while now, and in large part due to walking at WDW (some 150 miles over 17 days) I've lost some 70 pounds. (WDW is the only vacation I can go on and come home having lost weight!!).


    We've stayed at the contempoaray and found the path to MK.
    We discovered walking to and fro MGM,BW,Epcot (then monorailing back to Contemp) I know you can hit MGM/Epcot by foot from the swan & dolphin.....................
    ..............are there any Moderate Hotels which have walkways to any of the parks?
    ........Is there a walkway from AKL to AK?

    I know you can walk from the DTD hotels to DTD and then bus wherever, but we'd like to stay at a Disney owned/run hotel !?

    Any help/info would be appreciated (we've very happy to stay at the contemporary again, but wondering if we have "healthy" alternatives).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ozzel

    ozzel WDWWDS Commander of Special Operations

    Jan 25, 2001
    Here's my list of Bipedal transportation options:

    - Contemporary to Magic Kingdom
    - TTC to Polynesian to Grand Floridian
    - Wilderness Lodge to Ft. Wilderness
    - Epcot to Yacht/Beach Club to Dolphin/Swan to Studios to Boardwalk
    - Old Key West to Institute (closed) to Downtown Disney
    - Riverside to French Quarter (closed)

    Walking Adventures (ie Really Long Walks!)
    - TTC to Contemporary
    - Coronado Springs to Blizzard Beach to McDonalds to All Star Resorts

    No Walkways:
    - Grand Floridian to MK
    - Moderates to Theme Parks
    - AKL to Animal Kingdom
    - Old Key West to Downtown (or none that I've found)

    My "Heathly Alternitive" choice (since Contemporary is in your price range) would be an Epcot resort - Y&B or Boardwalk - you can walk to 2 theme parks and "the loop" around Cresent Lake. Even through Epcot to the Monorail if you're ambitious enough!

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  4. danicaw

    danicaw DIS Veteran

    Oct 5, 1999
    Wow. Thats great information Kim. Thanks for passing it along.

    I didn't know that you couldn't walk from OKW to DTD. Thanks.
  5. Goofyposter

    Goofyposter Director of Farmland Defense

    Oct 18, 2001
    Kim....thank you for your reply!:)

    In your "walking adventures"...you mention walking from TTC to Contemp.....I remember looking from the monorail, and from a bus ride to see if I could see any sidewalks....I either missed it, or am I correct in guessing that part of the "adventure" is to walk along the grassy shoulders?
    That would be a great option, I suppose it's not lit for after dark?

    Thanks Again!:)
  6. CarolMN

    CarolMN DVC Co-Moderator Moderator

    Aug 18, 1999
    You CAN walk from OKW to Downtown Disney. The path isn't lighted, though, so I don't recommend it after dark. Here's a link to a post with directions and pictures:
  7. ozzel

    ozzel WDWWDS Commander of Special Operations

    Jan 25, 2001
    Goofyposter - I too have looked for sidewalks from TTC to Contemporary - I'm pretty sure they're there the whole way - on the left side of the street I believe. Most importantly there IS a sidewalk under the water bridge - no dodging the buses! :)

    I have just been proven wrong about the OKW to Downtown walkway - I'll have to look for that. The walkway to the Institute is also along cart paths.

    Of course there are "internal" walkways as well:
    - Coronado Springs
    - Caribbean Beach is nice
    - Old Key West - Also a nice bike ride from here to Institute! (Done that - very nice - and since the Golf course is still open, the facilities at the Institute should also be open).

    Gee, I've spent too much time at WDW, do you think?

  8. Dizpro

    Dizpro Guest

    Also can walk or rent a bike and ride-quite a hike really- between the Campground and Wilderness Lodge...
  9. eclipseSD

    eclipseSD Mouseketeer

    Nov 30, 2002
    Sorry to resurrect this but

    Is this even possible without walking next to roads and the like?

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