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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Epcot Mom, Feb 28, 2001.

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    Feb 22, 2000
    We're about to join at the lodge and want any opinions on what room to request. For example, when we stay at the regular part of the lodge, we always requested to not be on the top floor as the balcony is built into the roof line and our 2 yr old can't see over it.

    Are there balcony issues?
    Do any rooms look at the lake?
    What do you think is the best view and why?
    Is the pool noisy...should we request to be away from it? Same for the bus stop?

    Are there toasters in the studio rooms?

    How inflated are grocery prices if we buy at the lodge after we arrive? We'll be taking Tiffany in so we can do a grocery stop but we're thinking that we won't want to make the delay. Of course, I also don't want to pay $7 for gallon of milk. All we'll be after is milk, oj and cereal. Is there a good variety of food available at the Mercantile?

    Thanks for all the help! We're looking forward to our first trip as DVC members!

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    Jun 27, 2000
    We toured WLV last week. Here is what I remember.

    No lake views. Trees block the way.

    I believe the building is only two or three stories.

    The pool is on the "lake" side of the hotel, but it is a "quiet" pool, no attraction to bring other guests over so noise shouldn't be too bad.

    Studios don't have toasters, but you can request one from Housekeeping.

    Hope this helps,

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    Sep 4, 2000
    I have not yet seen the villas, but can tell you that you do not want to depend on the mercantile for your grocery needs unless you have much more money than time!

    Selection is not bad by way of variety of snacks, etc, but the milk, juice, etc will get real expensive if you want enough to drink every day (for a family...) not too bad if you just want some milk in the room for coffee....

    Have done WL a few times, and love it, hope to buy there soon, trying to convince DW that the 70k remodel job on the house shouldn't affect our plans to buy at VWL!!!! (trying to convince myself and my accountant, too!!!


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