VWL-# of balconies in 2BR?


Earning My Ears
Dec 18, 2001
According to the WDW website floorplan of the 2BR at VWL there is a balcony outside of the master bedroom in the 2BR. I thought I had read that there was only a balcony going out from the living room and from the 2nd bedroom. Can anyone confirm if there is a balcony outside of the master bedroom? Thanks!
We just returned from a stay at VWL and we had a balcony from the Living Room and the second bedroom but not the Master Bedroom.:cool:
We were there last month -- no balcony in our master bedroom, but a long one from the living room to the 2nd bedroom, just as Lhargus had.
We had two separate balconies...from the Living Room and 2nd bedroom. However, I spied some near the pool that looked like one long balcony. Would've preferred the latter as the balconies are *tiny*.

I can't say for sure but it probably depends on if the 2BR is a dedicated or a lock-off. If it's a lock-off, there may be a balcony off the master bedroom. We stayed in a dedicated 2BR and there were only two balconies.
We just returned :(. We were in a 3rd floor, 2 bdrm lock-off that overlooked the pool, it had 2 balconies.
Hmm...maybe lock-off vs. dedicated *is* the difference. We had a dedicated 2-bdrm that overlooked the pool, and we had the one long balcony with sliding doors from the living room and the 2nd bedroom. There was a table & 2 chairs at each end.
Maybe it is only the 5th floor dedicated 2bdr units that have the long balcony. We stayed in a dedicated on the 4th floor and it stil had the two seperate balconies????
Who knows for sure?
Hmmm.... that can't be it either - ours was on the 4th floor. I wonder what it is that makes the difference?

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