VMK Card Traders Thread


Living the Dream.
Dec 11, 2005
Still Need:

Madame Leota's Crystal Ball Collection

Haunted Mansion Ghostly Organ

Invisibility Magic Spell

Haunted Mansion Conservatory Guest Room

Master Gracey's Grandfather Clock

Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair

Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree

VMK Tour (DLR)

VMK Tour (WDW)

Fantasyland® Magic Mirror

Golden Mickey Ears

Frontierland® Wanted Poster

Stitch Hat

Stitch Traveling Pin

Blue Traveling Trunk

Golden Door Teleporter

Animator's Desk

Mickey Mouse Television

Red Inner-Space Suit Magic

Pirate Cards I Need are from SERIES 2, NOT PIN SERIES.
Flaming Ransacked Window

Crow's Nest Barstool

Seagull's Nest Pirate Hat

Pirate Treasure Rug

Captain's Quarters Couch

Pirate Prison Guest Room



trading disney pins for vinylmation items
Oct 1, 2006
i have not been on in a long time and i recently decided that i wanted to try and get the rest of the vmk cards that i missing. i do have a lot of cards left for trade i shall post the ones i have for trade long with the ones i am missing. i am looking for certain quest cards that you had to pick up in the park.

heres what i am missing

Series 1:
Madame leota's crystal ball collection
haunted mansion ghostly organ
master gracey's grandfather clock
haunted mansion rocking chair
haunted mansion graveyard tree

series 2:
decorative hoilday wreath
stitch hat
traveling stitch pin
blue traveling trunk

i am missing two of the vmk pins
the stitch one not sure which card it came with
the donald duck pin

i do have an extra vmk chip pin and the card that i would be willing to trade for one of the pins that i am missing.

here are the list of cards that i do have up for trade (theres alot)

Series one:
rhino jungle cruise photo safari poster x3
frontierland ace of spades carpet x5
cactus armchair x4
saddle seats sofa x4
big thunder mountain teleporter x3
fantasyland castle retro pin x x5
prince phillips' briar stone x4
huntsman's heartless hamper x4
jungle cruise room x3
hippo rug x2
safari lifestyle collection x3
explorer's carpet x3
gorilla poster x3
tomorrowland rocket couch x4
teleporation x4
stitch teleporter x4
captain nemo's chair x4
aladdins carpet chair x3
adventureland pin x4
adventureland sofa x3

series 2:
fantasyland quest pin x2
frontierland quest pin x2
animal kingdom room x4
thrill seekers pin x5
kali river couch x5
high school musical piano x5
pirate fortress room x3
high school musical room x5
animator's desk x1
pirate well x10

series 3
animation viewer x1
inner space suit magic x1

virutal prize set (1-6)
magic mirror x1
happiest celebration on earth pin x10
golden ears x2
wanted poster x5
penny press x12

series 3
mickey mouse televison

pin cards
ships stern x1
flaming ransacked window