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    Hello All,

    I am very early in my planning stages. I am wondering about going to Disney & setting up a visit to view the locations. I was wondering how many do they let you see & how do you set this up if so?

    Thank You
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    You can call DFTW at (407) 566-4142 to set up what they call a "site visit." If you're more than about 2 years out they may be less enthusiastic, so maybe tell them your date is within 18-24 months.

    You can visit up to 3 locations, and I recommend selecting the ones you can't get into on your own: private rooms inside the theme parks (Living Seas Salon, American Adventure Parlor) and locked rooms at the resorts (The Attic, Ariel's). Ballrooms are wide open, and you can go into them anytime as long as there isn't an event happening. Same with the Wedding Pavilion and outdoor locations at the parks and resorts.

    Here are photos of all the venues used for weddings and events at Walt Disney World to help you decide which you want to see:

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