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  1. MiaBella05

    MiaBella05 DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2006
    Did anyone not buy their veil at the store they bought their dress. The veils and tiaras that i were looking at were all over $200, just a bit pricey for my taste. I know that i could get one online cheaper, but i am worried that i wont like it after i get it. Any advice would be great! :bride:
  2. DisBride2007

    DisBride2007 <font color=royalblue>I was satisfied with the onl

    Jan 3, 2007
    I think all veils are pretty much the same... I didn't buy mine online but I bought it at a different place from my dress. I didn't try everything on together until I was at home. $200 sounds pricy. I think I paid in the neighborhood of $40.
  3. WDWAurora

    WDWAurora <font color=teal>I may not be Peter's Tink, but I'

    May 21, 2003
    My dress and veil both came from David's, but my veil was only $50-just a single layer fingertip with some "pearls" on it. But...I did find several at Michael's and other craft stores that were on a comb, just like mine, only they were about 15 bucks...Much better. They usually had some out so that you could see the quality. I think a lot of people find tiaras online or at stores that sell them for proms, etc. like Claire's and Icing. Mine from David's was $50. I really liked it.
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  5. RangerPooh

    RangerPooh DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2005
    I couldn't stomach spending over $200 on a tiara and the same for a veil so I purchased my veil online through veilshop, and for a finger length, single layer, with cording, attached to a comb was ~$50. I loved it. My tiara was more like headband (as I wanted something subtle) that I got for like ~$12 at Claire's. Both worked out just fine and there didn't seem to be any difference between my veil and the one form the bridal shop that cost 4x more.

    BTW, if you are wondering about the veil's color or netting size you could always go to a craft store and look at their "wedding tulle" (different from regualr tulle). This might give you an idea as to what it will look like prior to purchasing from an online vendor.
  6. princessdisneybelle

    princessdisneybelle DIS Veteran

    Sep 24, 2006
    I got my veil from a company online. Sorry I can't find the site. It was $40 and is Cathedrial length with flowers embordered. So there are lots of choices out there.
  7. dmslush

    dmslush <font color="navy">If you don't let your dog poop

    Oct 18, 2000
    I bought mine today at Hobby Lobby for $13. It is ivory, two layers, with the 'curly' edges. It is about waist length. I am currently making a crystal bouquet out of Swarovski crystals (in golds and ivory colors), and am going to take some of my left over crystals and put on the veil.
  8. princessblueeyzes

    princessblueeyzes DIS Veteran

    Jul 7, 2005
    I bought my veil and dress at Davids bridal and my tiara at Claries in the mall. My veil was around $50 and my tiara I only paid $8 for.
  9. beckyb29

    beckyb29 Mouseketeer

    Nov 3, 2006
    I bought my dress at David's Bridal, along with the tiara, but we held off on spending close to $200 on a veil there! My mom went searching on Ebay, and found my veil for only about $50. It was from David's, and worn only one time. It looked brand new, and saved us tons of money

    Good luck with your shopping! :)
  10. Moonpie

    Moonpie Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff

    Jul 28, 2006
    I have no idea why they charge so much money for veils! While I think it's really smart to make your veil yourself, or find one for less money...I'm actually guilty of buying my headpiece for over $350...:( ...the thing is...when you think you've found the perfect veil or headpiece for your wedding, you end up spending money that you would normally not spend...and the bridal shops know this! :worried: ...and I'm afraid they try and take advantage of brides. :guilty:
  11. kicks1282

    kicks1282 Earning My Ears

    Jul 25, 2006
    I definitely have to agree here! I did not buy my veil at the same shop as my dress, but they were both small boutique-type places. I bought my veil on a clearance for (yipe) $175 but I love it because it has beaded accents that match my dress (funny considering they're from two completely different designers and shops 100 miles apart). I think it's all in how you want it to be - if you're not fussy about the type of headpiece you want, I've seen them for as little as $14 at Michael's.
  12. MiaBella05

    MiaBella05 DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2006
    For the veils at the craft stores do you actually have to make them or are they premade? I know that i am not that crafty!! :goodvibes
  13. myprincessgirlisa

    myprincessgirlisa DFTW 12/4/97

    Jan 2, 2007
    Hi neighbor....Im in il also

    anyway, yes the craft store veils are can also get tiaras there also...look for coupons & you even save more...hobby lobby emails coupons every week & michaels is in the sunday paper & joanne fabrics has them in their mailer.

    Dont rule out second hand bridal/dress shops...I got jewelery there & its was amazing & under $10 for necklace & earings & I got my underskirt for $5!!!

    let me know if you need any local shop help:thumbsup2
  14. PrincessBride07

    PrincessBride07 Anyone want a peanut? Has crush on House. Have t

    Jan 11, 2007
    I know this may not apply to most brides, but ask the dress shops if they offer any specials or sales. The shop that I bought my dress had a sale that if you bought your dress there you would give you a veil of your choice for free. I got a veil that is normally $175 for free:woohoo: . I know of other shops that give you a discount on almost everything as long as you have purchased your dress from them.
  15. Maggimus

    Maggimus DIS Veteran

    Aug 11, 2006
    Im guilty...:guilty: I paid over $200 for my veil. Let me explain-- Davids Bridal is the WORST about piling you down with stuff and sending you to the checkout. I never saw a price until I was walking out the door with the receipt. I nearly fainted when I saw the $250 veil. I phoned DH right away and started gasping. He did too (VERY money conscious)... he said "take it back":eek: ... so I march in the door not even 10 minutes after buying it and they circle on the receipt where it states that all sales are final and no returns:scared1: . I seriously could not believe my eyes. I had been suckered... yes it was my fault:sad2: but I was really upset. Make SURE you look at the prices before you leave the check-out line. I will be the first to say that my veil was nothing extrordinary... I would have even been fine with a piece of tulle wrapped around my head (okay-- I might be taking it a little far here..:upsidedow ) But you get the point!
  16. orangetiggs

    orangetiggs Married my sweetheart in DISNEY!!!!!

    Oct 18, 2006
    I got my veil in the sale it was £58 about $120 and that was half price, when I tried it on with my dress i fell in love with it but could not justify spending all that money on a veil when after all its just netting.

    I got it in the sale because I really wanted it, its shell pink with crystals all over it and goes great with my dress.
  17. wendy46001

    wendy46001 Mouseketeer<br><font color=purple>Dont get me wron

    Jul 5, 2006
    i know what you all are saying...i almost passed out when they told me what the veil that matched my dress cost (no ones come close so I wont give anyone a heart attack) was the biggest reason i almost didnt wear a veil (wore my mothers last min)...but i couldnt imagine spending that much on something i'd only plan on wearing to the ceremony...

    What i did find post wedding was a fabric store in the area that sold hand made veils starting at 30 check the local non bridal places first
  18. Chrissie-riel

    Chrissie-riel proud member of Mickey Moms Club!

    Oct 28, 2004
    Well....let's not blame them all! I am one of those bridal shop salesgirls and I don't try to push anything on anyone. However, if you are trying on a beautiful gown, shouldn't you match it with a beautiful veil? If you are working your wedding on a budget, sure I understand. But when you have a girl standing in the salon crying and in love with a $3000 dress, a $200 veil isn't that much really.

    And one BIG thing to remember, especially for destination brides like the DIS girls.......tulle isn't always tulle. Most tulle that you will find at craft stores and fabric stores is polyester netting. It can be very itchy and crinkles easily. It is very hard to iron out the wrinkles - actually being polyester (i.e. plastic) it melts when it gets near an iron. You have to let those types of veils hang for weeks to get the crinkles out and then if you have to carry it on a plane or transport it 12 hours in a car, you will very likely have more wrinkles in it again. Those veils at the bridal salons with the $200+ price tags are usually SILK netting which will always hang prettier and can be ironed (with great care) at the last minute if needed.

    Again, I am not trying to talk anyone into spending the money. If you like the $15 Michaels tulle, go for it! But there are very few times that you get to indulge yourself and I say "go for it" in that way as well!

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