Use 'em or lose 'em


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Aug 24, 2000
I'm USING them! Spending the 2nd to the 29th. 30th. of July at WDW! One of my resales finally came through with 520 -2020 UY July points and I already had a two week COVID fail trip booked for July with friends. Mostly staying in my beloved OKW. Having to move few only to a 1 bed for 2 nights. But with waitlists ya never know. I am looking forward to the one day at the BC.
Now, I'm not retired or wealthy so I will be working all but the two week vacation just from a different 'office'.
It's a bit crazy - who leaves the Ocean State to go to FLA in July? :rotfl2:
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May 27, 2011
Have a great trip!! Just remember it rains pretty much every day around 3pm up there so keep your umbrella handy, it’s great for providing shade too 😊