US/IOA is this the Impossible Dream

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  1. Jinnyboom

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    Oct 8, 2000
    Going to WDW second week of December. Traveling with 3 teen girls :rolleyes:
    We've never been. Would like to attempt :confused: to do both US and IOA on one day.
    The financier of the trip (that would be me) definitely wants to "ride the movies".
    What I really need to know is....what are the absolute don't misses at IOA...(we are all coaster nuts) and what are the "skips"
    AND....can we really do this in one day??

    Thanks for all replies

  2. Robinrs

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    Sep 7, 1999
    Three teen girls? You are a braaaaave woman.... :p

    You will get LOTS of great suggestions on this board. The must sees on my list are:

    Islands of Adventure

    1: Spiderman -- the best ride EVER made. I can ride this 7 times in a row without blinking!

    2: The Hulk -- best coaster in the Southeast

    3: Dueling Dragons -- ride the front of both Ice and Fire

    4: Jurassic Park River Adventure -- great ending!

    5: Sinbad show -- Awesome special effects

    6: Popeye and Dudley if you choose to get wet! :D


    1: T2 -- you'll stand up and cheer!

    2: Men In Black -- nuff said

    3: ET -- a classic with a new Spielberg pre show

    4: Hanna Barbera - cooooool

    5: Back to the Future: The Ride -- a never miss

    6: Earthquake -- long show, worth seeing

    7: Jaws -- more funny than scary

    8: The Gruesome Monster Make up show -- kinda gross but funny

    9: Twister and Kongfrontation if you have time. :D

    Have a great time and good luck!

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