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Earning My Ears
Jun 5, 2018
We are 5 adults going to WDW in May this year. We will be utilizing Uber/Lyft from the airport to the Hardrock Hotel on our arrival day (were at Universal for 2 days). On Sunday morning our plan is to take Uber/Lyft from Hardrock to POFQ and then head to DHS. Currently, DHS opens at 8 am so we want to be at DHS around 7 am.
At what time should we schedule a pick up at Hardrock to get to POFQ and to DHS by 7 am? Would it be worth the extra cost to use Uber/Lyft to go from POGQ to DHS? And if so how would we book the 2 trips at the same time or after we get to POFQ? I hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance.


DIS Veteran
Jun 28, 2008
You would book each trip individually. Book one from Universal to Port Orleans, and then once you’re ready to go to DHS, book another one.

Ross Kratter

Apr 5, 2019
No need to take an Uber or Lyft to DHS from POFQ. It only takes about 7-12 minutes on the bus, depending on traffic, and the buses at POFQ are pretty reliable.


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