Undercover tourist tickets


Oct 29, 2018
I have been using undercover tourist for years now to purchase all my ticket needs for all the Florida attractions and since there are also others on here that use them as well, I wanted to share what I thought was some very useful information about tickets. For those of you that use and follow UT, you already know that they run specials on tickets through out the year and if u keep checking the site u can find some really nice sales. This year they had a special on Universal tickets, it was 3 or 4 day base ticket for 2 parks but also get 3rd park free but it had blackout dates of 12/26 - 12/31, which for me really sucked. Anyway, I still purchased the tickets because it was such a really good deal. I just recently checked back on UT and I noticed they had the same exact ticket i bought and for the same price except they removed the blackout dates. So I processed to call UT to do a return on my tickets and then purchase the same tickets without black outs. What I learned was surprisingly pleasant, any time u purchase tickets through UT and they have blackout dates but then the same tickets get offered again but with no blackout dates, the tickets that you already bought with blackout dates automatically revert to tickets without any blackout dates. You dont have to call or do anything at all, you just need to be aware if there were ever a change in the status of the tickets u bought. Even though the blackout dates are printed on the tickets, they no longer apply. Now, if your wondering if it works both ways, no it doesn't. If you buy tickets without blackout dates and then for some reason they get added later, your ticket will still be no blackouts. So for those that do use UT for tickets, it would be a good ideal to call and see if there were any changes, like the removal of blackout dates, that could benefit you before u leave for vacation.


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