Tutto Group Reservation Experience?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by rich7214, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. rich7214

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    Jan 27, 2010
    Has anyone had experience with making a reservation at Tutto Italia with a group of 10 or more?

    I'm trying to get a reservation in August for 12 people and am very confused on what is going on. Disney dining referred me to the restaurant since it was a larger party and the manager at the restaurant said that he can't make any reservations until May....yet I can go on to the Dining web site and make reservations for 9 people with no problem?? He said that he pencils us in and then will call me back in May. What?

    Anyone have luck with reservations with this size of a party?
  2. Desnik

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    Oct 16, 1999
    When you want to make a reservation at most Disney restaurants for a group larger than 10-15 then you have to go directly through the restaurant. That is just the way they do it. Each restaurant then handles the reservation differently. For example, Chef Mickey's manager will take the reservation 180 days out, but you can only eat at 9:30pm. So, I guess Tutto Italia only takes a group reservation 90 days out. That is very reasonable. You can make 2 reservations for a party of 6 each but then you will not be seated next to each other. I would wait till the 90 day mark then call again even though they said they penciled you in and will call you.
  3. twebber55

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    Oct 14, 2007
    i reserved 11 people Tutto at my 180 day just by calling disney dining ...now this was in december so maybe the rules have changed

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