Tron Identity Program - experiences


Aug 13, 2017
We did the Tron Identity Program today (4/5) and I thought I'd briefly post about our experience - we just got back from an extended evening at Magic Kingdom so I'm keeping this short as I need to get some sleep, but I'm happy to answer any questions when I'm back online.

Overall summary:
- It's pretty cool, and fun, but they need to work out the kinks still.

How does it work (high level):
After some brief instructions, you enter a booth to do the following:
  • Take three picture of your face (resting, smile, open mouth)
  • Pick your figure's body, helmet, and color
  • Select 6 phrases and then record your voice saying those phrases
  • Come back an hour later and your action figure is presented to you wrapped in a box shaped like a standup arcade game.

  • Your "program identity" is saved to a removable memory card inserted in the back of the figure. So, you can purchase other Tron "accessories" and put your program/identity memory card into those and your voice/color selections will be available there (at least that's what I was told) - accessories I remember were the motorcycle and the Bluetooth speaker.
  • The action figure is pretty cool

Challenges / Tips:
  • Double check your finished figure. Our family of five each got one (because we're crazy) - the bodies were wrong on two of them, and the helmet was wrong on mine (we noticed this immediately and they fixed them within about 5-10 minutes)
  • You should also take your figure out of the box and confirm the voices. My DW's had some teenager's voice instead of her own (we only found that out tonight when we took them out of the box in the room) - so, not sure what we're going to do about that.
  • It get's a little warm in booth, they really need to get some more ventilation in there. Towards the end or recording my voice phrases I just wanted to get out of the booth
  • I didn't realize until after we got the figures out and played to phrases back that when playing("speaking") the phrases the face image on the figure switches between the three different facial images/pictures to try and simulate a talking face. This worked ok on my son's figure (well, it looked neat) because his three pictures were pretty consistent position wise. I'd suggest you try to keep your face in the same position and distance from the camera and don't exaggerate your expressions - my figure looks like two different faces are being switched back and forth when it's playing back the recorded phrases, because my pictures weren't that consistent.
  • The sound booths are not very sound proof at all. This is a little disappointing on Disney's part as there are plenty of sound "proof" enclosures on the market these days and it's not really that hard to make a recording both with decent noise blocking/reduction... anyway - the big issue here is when the figure plays back your recorded phrases you can hear the background noise of the gift shop... so that's a little disappointing.

I'm glad we did it, at least for the family memory, and some pretty good laughs.... but it was definitely an expensive splurge, and for the money Disney really should have ironed out these kinks first. I also feel really bad for that teenager who's figure probably has my DW's voice :oops:

EDIT - corrected some typos. Also, now that we've shown off these figures to other family members, I'm realizing the gift shop background noise really ruins the playback affect. They really need to improve the sound booth design.
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Thanks for the recap and review of your experience! I hope you were able to get you DW's figure fixed with her voice!


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