Traffic fro Disneyland area to LAX vs San Diego airport early am

Discussion in 'California & the West' started by Kebby, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Kebby

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    May 9, 2004
    for those who have flown to Aulani from disneyland area, which would be easier ( I have no clue about traffic there et) 1. getting a flight out of LAX at 9 in the morning ( so I assume leaving disney hotel around 5? worried about rush hour) or flying out of San Diego around 10 am ( so I assume still leaving around 5 30 am as it is a 2 hour drive). We will be flying to Hawaii so a long flight after arriving at the airport
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    No matter which airport you choose (and I would choose based on lower airfare), would it be possible to spend the night before at a hotel by the airport? You can usually find good rates at hotels by the airport, especially if you belong to a hotel loyalty program. Spending the night before close by the airport would alleviate all the anxiety about getting stuck in traffic on the morning of your flight. You could get a good night's sleep and just take the hotel shuttle to your terminal in the morning.
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    Google Maps can give you a gauge on traffic times when you want to arrive at a certain time. Just go here on a non-mobile device and change "Arrive by" to the time you'd like to arrive at the airport. It can give you a recommended time to leave and what traffic might look like:
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    In my experience your estimates are quite accurate:
    Leave DLR for LAX around 5AM fo a 9AM flight
    Leave DLR for SAN around 6AM for a 10AM flight

    Traffic to LAX is heavy - traffic DLR to Irvine is heavy then lighter the rest of the way. I second luckyrabbit's suggestion; choose the lowest airfair.
  6. WebmasterMaryJo

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    I agree with the others to look at the overall cost for flights and car rental. Leaving at 5:30 for your 9am flight is a good time to go. I wouldn't leave later than that, though.
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    Also, if the government is still shutdown, allow for plenty of extra time for security.
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