Trading Guidelines--Please read before posting your trade threads

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    Dec 20, 2002
    The VMK Moderating team is pleased to welcome you to our new Trade Board! We hope that you are able to do some good wheeling and dealing to get those rare items you are dying to get!

    Before you begin trading, please read these few ground rules:

    1. All trades arranged on the DIS are made at the traders risk. The VMK Moderating Staff and the DIS can not be held responsible if trades go wrong, and we will not get involved in disputes over trades. Disputes between posters should be taken to PM. Any dispute will be removed from the boards immediately without warning.

    If you are involved in a bad trade, please report the trader to VMK by clicking on the help button on the tool bar while you are playing, or sending an e-mail directly to VMK.

    2. Please do not hijack other people's threads. If someone else has received an offer for an item you have, please do not post that you are willing to accept that deal on a thread started by someone else. Please start your own thread for that to see if you can get the same or similar deals. If the original poster feels that their thread has been hijacked, please use the report post to moderator button, and that post will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

    3. Please do not bump your thread up every few minutes. We request that threads be bumped no more than twice a day. If threads are excessively bumped, they will be deleted without warning at the discretion of the moderators.

    4. Do not start multiple threads for the same item. You may bump your thread up to twice per day. Multiple threads for the same item started by the same poster may be deleted from the board at the discretion of the moderators.

    5. We trust that all people who are making trades through this board will be good and fair traders. Please remember that once you agree to the trade, it is polite to honor that trade (even if a better deal comes along). If we hear of a poster who has made many bad trades, their posting priveleges on the trade board may be revoked.

    6. If a trade has been completed and you would like the thread closed, please contact a moderator or report the post to have the thread closed.

    Have fun and happy trading!

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