Tori Elyse says thanks

shirley 38

DIS Veteran
Oct 9, 1999
Hi Guys ahd Gals saw Michelle today and will until I leave for FL.
Well she called me on the phone and was crying. It seens like all premies are put on a ventilator because of immature lungs.
So this we expected. What we did not expect what the Little Miss Tori came off of the ventilator after just 12 hours.
No C Pap or anything. She is breathing on her own.
When I gell you she is so cute. She actually has double chin.
Tori does not look like a premie at all. Dark Hair and real chubby cheeks.
I have a picture of her. If I can get John to send it I will.
Renee is still jumping through holla hoops.
She tells everyone that it is not THE BABY IT IS TORI.
I was also told Tori is a real live wire. But no one will ever be able to be the same as my Renee.

Shirley and John Proud Grandparents.
Shirley that is WONDERFUL news! Thanks so much for letting us know. I'm so glad that Tori and Michelle are both doing well. All the thoughts, prayers and pixie dust sure seems to have worked! I can't wait to see you guys in WDW, I will have to give a big hug to the new grandparents :) Again, thanks for letting us know that Tori is doing so well, that is truly wonderful news!

Shirley, I am so thrilled for you and John. And very glad all went well and continues to go the same way. Tell your daughter that your team mates are thinking of her and praying for her speedy trip home with Tori.

God Bless



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