Toothsome Question - Need Milkshakes!


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May 1, 2012
Universal doesn't do dining windows like Disney. Pre-lockdown, no one could make a reservation more than maybe a month in advance, and many places in City Walk didn't take them at all.

Then post-lockdown they started to take reservations because of the decreased capacity and almost everywhere took them.

At first, you could get reservations almost everywhere the day of. But, as more people started to realize that you could make reservations, and you might be left without anyplace to eat, more people started to make reservations. Which means more need for reservations, which means...

Eventually I predict people will start to make a great many reservations and horde them like they used to do at Disney. There isn't a penalty for no-shows.
Thanks for the info !!!


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Apr 13, 2021
So, to update anyone who cares. We ended up going twice! We were able to sit down both times to enjoy our shakes, but were shoo'd away from the outside tables right outside the shake section once. Thankfully, we found a spot inside (there's not many).

My favorite was the mint shake w/a mint ice cream sandwich on top. Tasty! The strawberry cheesecake one was good, not great.

However, my favorite treat at Universal was....Voodoo Donuts!


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May 22, 2003
Fair warning, if you are going for the milkshake itself, just go to cowfish or a local joint like twistee treat. Overall, the quality of the shake is poor to average.
I would agree.
The shakes look really good - but they are quite disappointing.

Last time I went to Cowfish - it was not all that great as well to be fair.


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Apr 8, 2016
In my opinion the milkshakes are overpriced for what you get. Key lime had barely any taste to it and the mint was subpar. We did eat at the restaurant and the service was soooooo slow that it ruined the whole experience.