Too Old for Disneyworld?


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Jun 26, 2000
We have a "family reunion" type of trip planned for October. We are staying at The Old Key West. Although she was first excited about it, my Mom is now saying she is "too old" for Disney, and she is very much thinking about cancelling. She is 70 years old, but is in excellent shape; she could probably beat me in a race. She is saying she'd be the only older person around the resort, parks, etc.

I don't believe this at all but would greatly appreciate some back-up on this to show Mom. Are there any senior citizens out there, or those who have travelled with SC's, who could share some insights so Mom doesn't miss out on a great vacation with her three children and three grandchildren?
At first I wasn't going to bother replying to this post, but I couldn't resist.
Tell your Mom that my blind mother is 76 and goes to WDW 2X a year (with or without the grandkids) and is always the first one up each morning and the last one to bed at night.
She'll stop going to WDW when they pry her Premium Annual Pass out of her cold dead fingers. ;)

P.S. She lives in Los Angeles, so it's not as though visiting WDW is a short trip away.
Has she ever been to WDW?
In our many trips we have seen huge amounts of seniors and believe it or not when our sorry asses are dragging the kids back to the hotels at 3:00 the seniors are still raring to go!
I got my grandmother onto space mountain when she was in her early 70's (she may never forgive me however ;) ). A friend and I took her mother, in her late 70's - when she felt like she couldn't keep up - she lounged around the pool - but she really enjoyed the character breakfasts, lunches, etc.

No Way!

My now late Grandparents went in their late 80's and had the time of their life! :) We rented a wheelchair for the entire stay for each of them (the resort will provide them for free, plus a $250 security deposit) as there was no way they could keep up with the walking. Plus you can request bathrooms with rails, raised toilets, WDW can meet about any special need.

They loved all the gardens of Epcot and the Land boat ride. One of my best memorys is spending a day in the Magic Kingdom with my other Grandparents that passed away when I was 16. I was 12 at the time and they were still going strong that year. My Grandmothers favorite was It's A Small World, I think of her everytime I ride it.

The parks are filled with people of all ages.


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Tell your mom she should go!!! My 83 year old grandmother came with my family last fall and she had a ball. Despite bad arthritis and advanced hearing loss, she came to the parks with us almost every day. But when she was tired she spent her days strolling around the resort in the beautiful Florida sunshine or reading by the pool. I notice you are staying at Old Key West which is a great resort for seniors: quiet, laid back, lots of walking areas. We live in NY so getting away to the warm weather when it was in the 50's here was a huge treat for grandma. She still talks about all the fun she had and is coming with us again in 2002! Like my grandma says, You are NEVER too old to enjoy life.
My DML is 74 and goes every year. Wouldn't think of missing a chance to go. Sometimes I think she has more energy than I do. Disney has so much to offer, go at your own pace. Maybe a little pixie dust would help ******* :)


My mom has come with us twice and with my sister twice as well. She is in her mid 60's. My inlaws also in their 60's. Go as often as possible. We went to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary recently. There is something for everybody. If your mom doesn't want to go to the park she can make an appointment at the spa in the Institute. She can spend the whole day there swimming or in the jacuzzi etc., even if all she has is her nails done she can take advantage of the spa for the whole day. Does she golf? She could take a backstage tour of the MK (extra fee). She could just relax and enjoy the resort where she is staying. We love to resort hop. Our favorite lobby is the Wilderness Lodge. There is just so much to do, it would be a shame if she didn't go.

Good luck convincing her! :D

and read these posts to her! My parents and an aunt and uncle are in that age bracket and they go to WDW with no grandkids, kids, etc (grandkids would slow them down-lol). You will see LOTS of seniors there, especially at Epcot (my parents' favorite). My parents don't go on all of the rides. However, my mom hits every shop, they see every show, and they make lots of ps ressies to dine. I hope your mom has a magical vacation.
My parents (68 and 71) are going with my sister and her children next month for two days. Why? Beacause they wish to share the Disney fun with their grandchildren. Tell your mom to go and have fun!
when we first started going in 72 grandmother was 72 and we continued to go every year until 1979 when she died. I renewed the tradition in 1992 with my mother. In 1993 my mother, brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew when for the niece and nephew first trip - my mother would have never missed that she was 71 at the time. Since then she has been at WDW with me at least twice a year sometimes three times (I joined the DVC in 1993 - otherwise I couldn't afford to kept going). she will be 79 in October, we just went in March and will go again in December.
Tell her she is never too old,my mom is the main reason I go every year,she bugs me until I tell her we have booked a trip,she went on Splash mountain when she was 80 yrs old and loved it.My mom will be turning 85 yrs old in November and she cannot wait to go back. She even told be she is going on Tower of Terror since she has never tried that before. If my mom gets tired she hops on a boat and heads back to FW cabins to relax and rest up to go out to dinner.
Sounds like I would have trouble keeping up with these seniors! :D
I hope that MY kids want to take ME when I am in my 70's and 80's! HEY! We took THEM, they should return the favor - RIGHT??? :D
I hope that your Mom does end up going, Pentex, and that she has a WONDERFUL time! :)

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Pentex - You just never get too old for Disney! We went to WDW with extended family to celebrate my FIL's 70th birthday, and we all had a blast. The only problem was that the rest of us had small children, so we were forced to slow down for naps, but MIL and FIL just kept on going. The very best thing about Disney is that it's meant for everyone. One of my fondest memories is going to MK with my grandmother when she was in her early 80's. She went on just about everything except the thrill rides and really enjoyed her visit.

I really hope your Mom decides to go and enjoy herself. There are many, many seniors in the park who aren't even pretending they're there for the kids. ;)


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I can't speak from the experience of having a relative that old go, but I can speak from what I saw on my last trip in June of last year. An older woman, at least 60+ I'd say was in line for Dinosaur at AK!! She was a few feet in front of me and my family so she exited the ride only moments before I did! I can barely remember her words, something to the effect, "wow, that wasn't too bad! Let's hit that again a couple of hours later after we do lunch!!" :D I thought to myself...YOU GO GRANDMA!!! :rolleyes: Her grandchilden laughed and said that grandma was just too cool. It was mom they had to convince to do it again!!
Tell your mom to get packing!! TOO OLD FOR THE WORLD!! NEVER!! Walt Disney made it perfectly clear his age requirements for being at the world...FROM 0-99! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> Mom needs to hop on it and get ready for the time of her life!! :)



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This isn't Disney related, but back in 1996 the whole family went to Las Vegas for my brother's wedding. My grandmother age 75, who we didn't think wouldn't make the trip since she was in ICU a few months before, looked forward to going although she was still weak.

Anyway, one night after walking the strip we decided to go on one of the stimulator rides. My grandmother was tried and wanted to go to bed, since is was 11:30 pm, but decided to see what the big deal was. She went on the ride a laughed the entire time. When she came out she was energized and wanted to go on some more rides like that. We left her in the casino at 1:00 am that night while she was going to hit the slots since she wasn't tired.

PS/ My grandmother is still alive and is doing better then she was in her early 70's. Maybe that stimulator ride did something??

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Your never to old for Disney.

There is always a kid in you.


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Order the tape, there are some grandparents talking about how they enjoy coming with their grandchildren

I think that tape would psych anyone up to go.

she'll be 70 in June and wants all of us to go to WDW as a family before she gets too old to be able to enjoy it anymore. She wants to go while she can still get around easily and see well and be able to revel in her grandchildrens' reactions.
Age is a state of mind I think. I hope you're successful in changing her mind.
at the pictures that get displayed of action shots on rides like Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain.(two rides that I won't go on because I'm scared) There are often people who are over the age of 65. I feel like such a wimp when these people will go on them and I won't. There are a ton of older people there. She definitely won't be the only person.


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