Too late for SW Ding?

Tooth Fairy

DIS Veteran
Jan 28, 2001
I've noticed most of the ding's are now for Aug. 1 - Oct. 30
Have I waited too late to get a ding for June 22? New too this and don't know if once they good forward on dates do they ever go back? How long should I wait for June 22? Many Thanks!


DIS Veteran
Sep 3, 2003
The Ding window probably has closed for June 22. No guarantees, as this is still a fairly new program. So far, they haven't offered Ding fares going from PHX to anywhere I want to visit! :shrug:

You'll need to book your flights at least 14 days out to get the best rates. Many of them are sold out long before that.

The nice thing about Southwest, is if you book online and find a lower fare--even for one segment--you can change it online and receive a credit (non-refundable, must be used within 1 year from the original booking date). I did that last December and saved $40 over my original rate. :)


DIS Veteran
Feb 15, 2005
As far as Ding is concerned, you probably did wait too long. I have never seen them backtrack dates once they move ahead. You can still book through SWA, just not with Ding.


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